Monday, March 20, 2023

Xiaomi Patents New Foldable Phone With Rotating Camera

Xiaomi company announced that it is seeking to develop a new smartphone with a foldable design ( Xiaomi Foldable phone ) with a unique feature that is not currently available in the foldable phones that launched during the previous period.

The design is similar to the Motorola Moto Razr phone or the Galaxy Z Flip, but a part of it can rotate.

The phone – published by Let’s Go Digital based on the CNIPA site comes with a strip in the upper half that can rotate horizontally to bring the rear camera to the front to take a Selfie ( Rotation Camera ). The top half of the phone contains the power button and the volume-change buttons on the right side. There are holes for the sound, just below the rotating part.

Although patents do not necessarily mean that they become a physical product, they do provide a sight into how companies think to develop their mobile phones.

Remarkably, the Xiaomi company have already announced many phones with a unique design, such as a clamshell phone similar to the (Galaxy Z flip) mobile,

A phone with a pop-up mechanism that contains seven cameras,

A dual side mobile with a screen that wraps around it, and with two front cameras.

John Yanni
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