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Programming is one of the most important fields of the future, and programmers’ jobs have swept the employment area in recent years as they are the highest-paying jobs, which has led to an increase in demand for learning programming languages ​​regardless of the field of specialization.

If you want to start your professional career and want a stable job with an excellent income, learning to code and working with it is your best option.

Learning to code not only means that you have to be fluent in a programming language but also understands logic and improves logical and analytical skills.

And learning it will expand your thinking horizon, mostly since your interaction with the computer follows logical thinking. You will find that game programming courses online free will facilitate you to do other things on the computer.

There are many different ways to learn programming, and you can become an expert using these resources.

But programming is just like art. The more you have fun during the learning process, the more likely you will develop a passion for it and the ways to help you do games that can simplify basic programming concepts.

In this article, we will introduce 8 online games to help you learn to code:

1- CodeMonkey

CodeMonkey Banner

According to the American “Hacker Noon” site, the “Monkey Code” game tops the list of programming games because it is very suitable for beginners and teaches programming concepts for students with very limited or no knowledge in a fun and interactive way.

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The game uses the programming language “CafeScript” to teach you how to build your games in “HTML 5” (HTML 5), and “Monkey Code” is a great game to improve your logic and problem-solving skills while learning how to code.

2- CodinGame

If you are looking for a way to improve your programming skills and learn new concepts but are tired of the usual educational programs and want something fun and exciting, try the “Code in Game” game. It is a platform that provides free and interactive games to help you learn more than 25 popular programming languages, including That’s JavaScript, Ruby, and C-Sharp.

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3- Flexbox Froggy

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The most fun game in the list of programming games is “Flex Box Froggy”, and learning the concepts of cascading style sheets may be a bit boring sometimes, but with “Flex Box Froggy,” you can learn these concepts through a simple game.

The game also teaches you the basics of how to style things in FlexBox while helping the Frog Froggy and his friends.

4- Flexbox Defense game

“Flexbox Defense” is another programming game that uses the Flexbox Module to teach the concepts of cascading style sheets. It is similar to “Flex Box Froggy”, and your task is to prevent incoming waves of enemies from overrunning your defenses by using commands similar to those used in “Flexbox Froggy”.

flexbox defence

5- CodeCombat game

code combat

“Code Combat” is one of the popular programming games related to “JavaScript”. It is was specially designed for teachers and students as an educational video game that teaches the concepts and languages ​​of software programming and computer science basics.

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The game consists of puzzles and challenges that players need to solve by writing “code JavaScript.” it is the best online game design classes for JavaScript.

6- CheckIO game


If you want to develop your skills in “coding python games” or “JavaScript” in a fun and interactive way, try “Check Eye”, it is a free programming game suitable for both beginners and advanced programmers,

where you can improve your programming skills by solving exciting challenges and fun tasks using JavaScript and coding python games.

The game is based on the islands’ theme, and the entire game consists of different levels according to the island, as each level is more complicated than the previous one to make sure that you learn something new in each level of the game and it is one of the best online coding games.

7- Code Wars game

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Code Wars is an online game platform based on the ninja theme and improves your skills with the help of various puzzles and programming challenges. If you want to learn a specific language, you will have to pass a basic test to prove your language skills and understanding.

Once you complete the first stages, you will find no other game on the market better than this one at building advanced programming skills.

learn to code free online with “Code Wars” has a large variety of languages ​​to offer, including “JavaScript”, “Swift”, and “coding python games,” “Ruby,” and “Haskell.” it’s one of the best game development courses online by teaching you through playing the game.

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8- Ruby Warrior game

Ruby Warrior

The last game in the list of programming games is “Ruby Warrior”, it is mentioned that “Ruby” is a popular programming language widely used for web development purposes. If you are a beginner in the “Ruby” language, then the programming game “Ruby Warrior” is perfect for you.