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The Best Free PC Games Playing Today in 2022

How to have a new adventure and have fun for free?

Do you have a tight budget?

Want to experience a new adventure and meet new characters?

You want to be challenged and save money?

The answer is The best free pc games are playing today in 2022

The number of free PC games is increasing every year and it is easy to understand why.

The free offline PC games are excellent for many reasons:

First these games are excellent time eaters and are so robust that you never feel tied down unless you put down real money, in other words, the only thing you spend is your time.

Secondly they are fantastic for feeling challenges with different new characters. In each free PC game you live in a different life and this will improve your abilities to deal with different personalities in your life and how to face different challenges, because you train your mind beforehand on how to deal with different environments.

Third the fee games on PC will provide you with a lot of entertainment.

How to recognize the best free pc games playing today?

It’s simple. The beginning of the year is always the best time to spend a few weeks discovering and downloading the best free PC games.

So if you are looking for more free PC games to add to your collection, be sure to check back every week to see what games are available for free from Epic Games or on Steam.

You can be a frugal PC gamer and spend many years playing these free games on your PC without buying a new one or at least filling the gaps between the big games with something smaller that might satisfy you more.

What are the best free games on PC?

This is the best part to find out, there are many free offline games on PC that you can download it.



Is an amazing multiplayer game that you can play for free on your PC. The game Call of Duty Warzone was released in March 2020 and had attracted over 100 million players within a year.

Due to its fast-paced action gameplay, Warzone became the king of Battle Royale games. So if you do not play this game by 2022, you’ll miss out on a lot of action.


Halo Infinite Multiplayer

All Halo fans were expecting the next instalment of the series in 2021. On December 8, 2021, 343 Industries released the latest instalment of Halo Infinite after a long wait, and the game was fantastic.

Halo Infinite is undoubtedly one of the best campaigns in the genre. One of the best benefits of this game is the multiplayer mode, which is available to everyone for free.



Is an action shooter that is available for free. In the game you can play with up to three other people and try out all the different weapons and abilities.
Since you will find so much challenge and fun in this game, the player should have strategies to survive.



The Riot Games company released the VOLORANT game last year after testing the game for a long time. The VALORANT game is one of the best competitive games as it is a tactical 5v5 multiplayer shooter.

In just one year, Riot’s brainchild has become one of the best and most popular Esports titles.

Due to its current gameplay, several professional players have switched to VALORANT.

So if you have not played it yet, do not hesitate and download it now to have so much fun



This game is full of impressive content. In fact, the developers have done a great job over the years to make this game one of the best multiplayer battle royale aspects. In this game you’ll discover one of the largest communities. This game will keep you entertained for hours.



The Apex Legends game is one of the best free games to play it on your PC. It is one of the multiplayer battle royale games like Fortnite and Warzone, but what makes Apex Legends game unique are the unique characters with unique abilities.

Gunplay is still one of the most important aspects of the game, but the Legends powers make the shootouts more fun and action-packed than ever before.



Destiny 2 has become one of the best free-to-play games on PC. It was published by Bungie. This game will be one of the unique games, so you will play and have fun for hours.


smite game

If you love to take on the role of mythological characters and experience massive battles, SMITE is one of the free PC games that you should play now.
In general, SMITE is a third-person MOBA game with a variety of game modes.

In each game mode, you take control of a god or goddess and fight against other players and their minion armies.

Finally, download these free games to your PC, play, have fun, feel challenged and save your money.

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