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PUBG New State details and How to Download

The best way to win is to strike preemptively

PUBG New State is a spin-off of PUBG Mobile, one of the most well-known battle royale games in the world and a true benchmark in Android gaming. #pubgnewstate #newstatepatchnotes

The new game PUBG New State pledges to maintain loyalty to the original game’s ethos while adding a new environment, more game modes, settings with more interactivity, and better visuals, and the game’s designers have stated that it will be a completely certified extension of the original game.

Details and Announcement Date

Krafton, the developer of PUBG New State, has introduced that a replacement for the game might be launched on December 9.

New guns and cars might be introduced to the lately launched warfare royal game, in addition to greater customization pick for contemporary weaponry, a brand new foyer decor, and Survivor Pass Volume 2.

PUBG New State will acquire a brand new replacement, to consist of game bug fixes and enhancements, just like earlier patches. Also, the upgrade, Krafton hasn’t introduced whether or not the game gets any extra modes, maps, or events.

A blog post was published to show the upcoming update for PUBG New State (review), which will be released on December 9.

pubg new state

The L85A3 assault rifle will be introduced by Krafton. The new weapon is a Bullpup assault rifle that fires 5.56mm ammunition.

Erangel and Troi each have the L85A3 rifle. The rifle, according to Krafton, deals the greatest damage of any weapon using 5.56mm ammo and is effective in mid-to-long range firefights. The L85A3, on the other hand, has a poor rate of fire.

According to PUBG New State there are two new cars added to the new version: Electron and Mesta. The former is a six-seater electric minibus that is said to be more robust than the game’s other vehicles.

Troi or the Training Ground are both good places to look for it to use. Even if the vehicle carries the complete squad, it allows players to transfer seats while in the vehicle.

The Mesta, a two-seater gasoline-powered sports automobile, is the other new vehicle in the update. It comes in two models: Standard and Open, and it boasts a high peak speed and rapid acceleration.

It may be found at Erangel, Troi, and the Training Ground, among other places.

PUBG: New State now includes weapon customization options. A vertical foregrip bipod has been added to the L85A3 assault rifle, which decreases recoil and makes it simpler to operate while crouched or prone.

However, it slows the aim-down sight (ADS) speed marginally. The M416 now has a longer barrel, which improves both damage and vertical recoil.

The 7.62mm barrel in the SLR rifle can be swapped for a 5.56mm barrel, which improves firing accuracy but reduces damage.

Survivor Pass volume 2 will be available to PUBG New State players on December 9. This Pass’s featured character is Bella from the Dream Runners Faction.

Upgraded level prizes for the Premium Pass, such as vehicle skins and character costumes, are included in the second volume of Survivor Pass.

Survivors will receive 1,500 NC when they achieve Level 48. As a Free Pass reward, BP Chests have been added.

The Lobby theme has been updated as well, with a winter festival background and music sound. The background of the BP store has also been modified.

In addition, the developer has made many bug patches and enhancements to PUBG New State. Character controls and actions, vehicle boarding parameters, first-person perspective mode, Station (Team Deathmatch), merit points system, and maps are only a few of the more prominent features.

How To Download PUBG New State Game?

A large group of individuals is looking for the PUBG New State 2021 game, especially fans of combat video games.

The PUBG game was distinguished in the field of war games and many wonderful copies were released from the original game, the most important of which was the distinctive New State game, the game spread Significantly all over the world, especially in the Arab world.

pubg new state

The game broke into the world of games and won many awards in a short period and broke the barrier of 600 million downloads by people on their mobile devices and the computer.

Steps to download PUBG New State 2021

Dear visitor, you can follow the following steps to start downloading the game on your device with the new update:

  1. Enter the appropriate game download link for your device in the table below, or by entering your phone store.
  2. Click on the install icon at the bottom of the main page.
  3. Then wait a few minutes for the download to finish, and start playing.

Pubg New State Android Download

Pubg New State iPhone Download

PUBG is an adventure that may be completed by completing numerous in-game objectives, that can tip the scales in your favor, and there is an expansion from the original PUBG world, decades after the original PUBG, new factions appear in the chaos of 2051.

The PUBG survival game evolves into a whole new battleground in PUBG NEW STATE, at the beginning of a new PUBG experience.

The PUBG New State game offers

fun content that competes with other fighting games, and it has won many fans if the current version of the game derived from the original PUBG Mobile game is released, as the new version carries many new features that you do not find in the original version.

pubg new state 2

you can now Increase the excitement and suspense by playing the game, the game begins in a large land full of empty buildings, which you land through a plane carrying 99 other people.

You must start breaking into homes and collecting weapons and ammunition, and obtaining medical equipment and resources that help you in killing enemies, where the motto of the game is the survival of the strongest.

You must preserve your life and survive and get rid of all the enemies, the game provides you with the advantage of playing with friends and forming a team of 4 people.

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