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Oppo A53 and Oppo A73 Comparison Review for Price and Specs

Oppo A53 and Oppo A73 review – how did they achieve such great success?

Today, I will present a review of the Oppo A53 and Oppo A73 Comparison.

I would like to see an opportunity for these mobiles and try them and see who is this user going on, what is the reason for these mobiles? … And after our experiment with them, will they suit me? Have we seen it change in them? This is what we will know today.

Oppo A53 review: –

The design:-

When you hold the mobile phone in your hands, you will find plastic materials completely .. Acceptable for the price. The back is beautiful and elegant in shape… But I have a problem with the shine of the back of economical plastic phones because it is easy to scribble.

Oppo A53 and Oppo A73

However, Oppo put a perfect silicone case in the mobile box to protect the mobile completely… The rear camera’s shape is elegant, but the nickel frame around it is not my liking.

What you like, the weight of the mobile phone, 186 grams, is very acceptable for the weights we see in the D category, with the aim of the large battery .. and the thickness is very fair, with a response of 8.4 mm.

The screen:-

You will find a 6.5-inch IPS LCD screen with HD + resolution with a selfie hole with a 90 hertz .. a strange mix between the screen of low resolution with a high frequency… The first time you hold the mobile in your hands, the screen’s lower edge will feel almost large. But of course, the hole’s shape is the selfie Keeping speed with the new screens trends.

It is impressive that the screen, its colors, we can say it is sweet for it because it is an IPS LCD .. very tuned .. a little warm and trying to make a slight color saturation .. Very acceptable in terms of colors an IPS LCD.

Its brightness is acceptable under the sun. It will not bother you… About 450 candles, so there are no problems. You are worried about the brightness and speech of this… I know the brightness of many people and are doing a crisis to be interested in it.

The screen here comes with Gorilla Glass protection of the third generation.

All this is fine, but the screen remains low resolution, with competitors offering FHD + screens with an average frequency of 60Hz like the Redmi 9T… If you want to know why Oppo used 90Hz with HD +, just read the next paragraph.

The performance:-

This mobile phone has a Snapdragon 460 processor with 11 nanotechnologies… a slightly economical and lazy processor … the least simple need in the benchmarks and actual performance of the Snapdragon 662 processor … and of course the price of the Oppo A53, so the processor used in it is not the best processor at its cost.

So, OPPO played a game … using the screen with a low-resolution HD + with a high frequency of 90 Hz, with its lightweight interface and the speed of Animations, the adjustable interface… You will try to feel that the actual performance of the mobile phone is very reasonable… I mean, you are not afraid that you are holding mobile with this economic processor… But all of it Feelings, not more.

The mobile phone is really, in regular, light, everyday uses. It is challenging to engage with you because you will find it soft to open programs and move between them. But the processor crisis appears the first time you start to pinch a little in use. You will find it telling you one above me I am not satisfied with this speech.

As for the graphic performance, PUBG works on Medium, and the game is not very smooth and has some interruptions. Call of Duty works very well in suitable graphic settings… And the mobile phone is not very hot in use.

A summary of the performance part… This phone does not offer the best processor… Even if it runs on the best performance and the best processor, this phone is not yours.

This phone is used by people who use it lightly and want to maintain stable performance even if it is not the fastest, but without any bugs in the software. You will remain satisfied with its performance as long as you use light social calls, and it will not shorten you… But you must forget about the heavy games, violent use, and this speech.

Safety factors and other elements: –

The phone has a fingerprint on the back… You don’t have a problem with the power button… The important thing is its medium speed, not a missile, and not slow .. Face Unlock is the one that is a little slow.

The mobile comes with Android 10 on ColosOS 7.2’s light interface, which is difficult for Bugs to encounter … all the sensors are present, the light and convergence are real … the gyroscope is not accurate performance is somewhat delayed.

The most important thing that distinguishes the phone is that it comes with real stereo sound… It comes out from the lower speaker and the headphone for calls… The sound is loud, but it comes second after the Poco M3 or Redmi 9T in terms of loudness .. and with a slight jolt in the back, you get when the volume is raised on the other… And the headphones sound is loud and excellent.

The most important thing is that the network remains so strong in this mobile… It is the most excellent mobile on the web, which may be the secret behind OPPO mobiles’ success and their spread in stores in this way.

The battery:-

The battery of the mobile phone has a size of 5000 mAh, its performance is very reasonable. It complements you with 9 hours of the open screen comfortably.

The included charger is 18 watts .. Charging the battery with the battery in two hours via the USB Type C port… It is a very reasonable time. I don’t see any crisis… In general, the battery is right for you.

Cameras: –

The cameras are the weakest thing in this phone, a 13-megapixel primary rear camera, F / 2.2 lens slot, a 2 mega-macro lens, a 2 mega-isolation lens … and an 8-megapixel selfie, an F / 2.0 lens slot.

There is no Night Mode in the camera software… I tried to call Google a camera, but you are not satisfied with me… The cameras here are not the best performance if you are looking at the most powerful camera at this price… The Galaxy A21s is still more powerful in the cameras than this phone .. and the Redmi Note 9 cameras. His response is more potent.

I don’t say that the cameras here are bad… No, they are acceptable in high beams. They are not the best details, but it is challenging to take a good picture on this mobile phone when the lights are gone.

The selfie camera has lost color processing, and HDR is not working… So you will find that you can accept it in the sun, but it is soft and internal lighting, it is difficult to take a good selfie on this mobile.

Final opinion: –
Features of Oppo A53: –

The screen is bright enough with a refresh rate of 90 Hz
Affordable battery and acceptable charger
Headphones, Stereo sound
Very excellent network

Disadvantages of Oppo A53: –

Very natural cameras, both front and back
Very average performance
Shiny plastic exterior materials that are easily scratched
The real secret that I see behind the spread of this mobile phone is the name of OPPO, which is known to have no problems with manufacturing defects that you will encounter on the mobile phone,

and this is really real. And the second most crucial need of the network that we all suffer from. Indeed, I can say; briefly, this mobile offers the most powerful network at its current price … but are the two points sufficient for you to buy it? I believe!

Oppo A73 review: –

The design:-

This mobile phone is distinguished by its design in its price category .. a solid metal frame with a plastic back, but it has to be engraved as if it was made of leather… When you hold it in your hand, the mobile will feel that you are a valuable mobile holder.

Although it is one of the lightest phones that you can use, it weighs 163 grams and has a thickness of 7.5 mm, which is due to its small battery, but the important thing is that it is very ideal for people who are looking for a mobile phone chic, light and small.

The screen:-

The A73 screen is very calm and cool… A 6.44-inch AMOLED screen with FHD + resolution with a Water Drop notch for the selfie with a 60 hertz.

The fact that the screen here is AMOLED is a feature that compensates for the screen at a frequency of only 60 hertz .. which is considered one of the cheapest mobile phones currently.

From Oppo with a distinctive screen in its saturated colors and high brightness under the sun.

And not all phones offer an AMOLED screen in the D category… I see the AMOLED screen, it will remain more suitable for using socials and videos than the IPS LCD screen, even if its frequency is higher for videos, and the social is not for heavy use.

If you compare it with the Galaxy M31 screen, the M31 screen colors are better .. Samsung still excels in its screens… Of course, the Water Drop notch shape is relatively old, but you can accept it… The screen has Gorilla Glass, the third generation, and the mobile phone has a screen installed on it.

The performance:-

The mobile comes with a Snapdragon 662 processor, 11 nanotechnologies… and this is a cold processor that is not very strong, but I do not accept this processor here.

Back and tell you about the response of the oppo light interface and the quick animations set in the interface here and the 6 GB RAM Headlak experience, not pure cruelty .. a bit better than the A53…

But the A73 is still a bit far in performance monsters in the price category, such as the Poco X3 and Realme 6.

So, I will go back and tell you again .. Oppo phones are medium and economical. They are not gaming… They are more suitable for light use .. and not all people use them, as calls and social .. so Choose your mobile needs before you think to buy!

You can work on Medium, but it is cool, as the performance is a little fair than the A53, and you can play usually… And Call of Duty works very well… But the mobile here is slightly hotter than the A53. The hotness is still logical and reasonable.

Safety factors and other elements: –

The fingerprint in the AMOLED screen is not very accurate. It can be mistaken, but its performance will be faster and better than the fingerprint of Samsung if you put your finger in the right place. The Face Unlock speed is reasonable>

Display the notifications you have on the screen while it is locked because of the AMOLED screen… This is an essential need for an idea, and if you try it, you will know its value.

The sound here, Mono, is not stereo like another oppo phone, unfortunately … and the sound here is medium, not high.

The WiFi networks and the connection are extreme, like his little brother Oppo A53, exceptional in networks that are stronger than Xiaomi and Samsung mobiles, with a noticeable difference.

The battery:-

The battery is small, with a size of 4000 mAh… Average of 5 ~ 6 hours open screen… It is not the best time at all if you are a big battery fan.

The included 30-watt charger will charge the battery in less than an hour, which is a very reasonable time…It means the same power as Xiaomi’s chargers in the same price category.

Cameras: –

  • cameras are the weakest thing in this mobile phone.
    a 16-megapixel rear camera, F / 2.2 lens slot
  • a second 8-megapixel camera, F / 2.2 lens slot for wide
  • third photography,the fourth 2-megapixel camera is not needed .. and the 16 mega-pixel selfie has an F lens slot. /2.0 .. And here in Night Mode in the software is very typical.

The performance of the cameras here is very generous in high light… But in its cold, the details are still less than the competitors… If you compare it to the Poco X3 or the Galaxy M31, you will always find the A73. Unfortunately, you can say the camera here fulfills the purpose no more.

The selfie I liked .. a good selfie with a respectable sensor that can see perfect details, can compete with the M31 and X3 strongly .. so it’s ok that the selfie here is excellent.

Final opinion: –
Advantages of Oppo A73: –

  • The AMOLED screen is good with high brightness under the sun
  • Light chic design and excellent finish
  • Space and tumor are reasonable
  • Good selfie camera
  • 30W fast charger included
  • In the headphones in the box
  • The superb network is the best among competitors

Disadvantages of Oppo A73: –

  • Modest performance isn’t the best.
  • The modest rear camera does not support 4K photography.
  • The battery size is relatively small.
  • Another tip… Suppose you want to answer Oppo Reno 3 in the category D for the name, materials, and spread.

In that case, I advise you to answer the Oppo Reno 3, you will take a better processor and better cameras, and you will take 8 GB of RAM.

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