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17 best offline android games free download

To challenge boredom in light of the current global conditions that force us to stay in homes (quarantine), which caused the Internet to become very slow due to the pressure raised on it because most of the world’s population is at home,

We brought you the best offline android games free download in play store that no need for Net or wifi, to play.

In light of the high demand for games, the app stores, including the Google Play Store, have become overwhelmed with game applications, where we find football, fighting games, best offline car games for Android, and other games for chess, etc.

Still, its only problem is that it requires Net or wifi to be able to play it.

This means it does not work without the internet.

Still, after our long research, we found that there are best free offline android games without internet and good graphics, and the size is small.

so in this article, we will include the top 17 best offline android games free download that Doesn’t Need Internet to play. for more games follow us on the Facebook page.

All of this google play offline android games without internet are not out of date, they are award-winning, and millions of downloads from the Google Play Store and all are free offline games for Android.

Trial Xtreme

The developers of Trial Xtreme 4 say that only 1% of the players in this game managed to get three stars, and the developers explain that the game is challenging, and depends on passing a set of obstacles using your bike or motorcycle

offline android games without internet

The difficulties depend on the level, as the more stages pass, the more challenging the game becomes, which gives an excellent game experience, the game graphics are good. It is one of the best free offline android games without the internet, it has been downloaded more than 10 million times, and is small in size.

Subway Surfers

Although Subway Surfers is one of the best free offline survival games for Android, it is entirely free and works without the Internet, and it has more than excellent graphics. Its size is tiny compared to its features (94MB). Since its launch on the Google Play Store, the game is setting records, as it has been downloaded more than a billion times.

offline android games without internet

The game revolves around a boy, who is Surrounded by a policeman and a dog at the railway station, your mission is to run from them, avoid hitting trains and obstacles so that the policeman and his dog do not catch you.

Of course, there are awards on the road (train rail) that you must take, And the more rewards you earn, the more we can rise to the advanced levels and get new stag characters.

offline android games without internet

Shadow Fight

Shadow Fight 3 game is one of the best offline games in the play store that can play with no wifi. It will help you overcome boredom, as it has been downloaded more than 100 million times from the Play Store,

offline android games without internet

Simply the game revolves around a fight similar to that found in many popular games such as Pubg and fight games, where you choose the character you want to fight with, the battle begins :).

offline android games without internet

You have to win to get rewards that enable you to buy weapons and provide your warrior with new professional moves to become more powerful and win battles. The more you go through the stages, The more the fighter becomes more durable and difficult to overcome, which increases to be the best fun offline games android.

Neon Shadow

Who does not like playing fire? Most of us love that, as this type of games has a terrible amount of action. The one problem is that we cannot perform these games without the net-like (Call Of Duty). Still, Neon Shadow can play it offline, it is the other shooting game and can be played with others online or played on your own, it also has excellent graphics in everything inside the game (weapons, people, the ground, etc.)

offline android games without internet

It has incredible sounds, especially when Shooting gives you a great gaming experience that makes you feel like you’re inside the game. The game revolves around, killing some characters to get prizes that enable you to buy new weapons and improve the skills of your character.

Ludo King

Once you play this game, you will addict it and get rid of boredom. However, it is a unique game and can be played for long hours daily without boredom; Ludo King game can be played online with friends or even with users of the game globally or offline or a friend in the same Android phone.

The game based on the exchange of role-playing by throwing dice and trying to cross the entire game without problems or obstacles

offline android games without internet

The game has excellent graphics and a small size not exceeding 42MB and got more than 100 million downloads from the Play Store, simply Ludo King It is top offline android games that do not need Net or wifi.

Smash Hit

If you are a fan of action, the game Smash rated one of the top offline mobile games that can be played without wifi, on its own the game moves and meets the glass and many barriers. You have to break any obstacles that come before you through the metal balls to cross into the next room and complete The way,

offline android games without internet

and What distinguishes this game is that it is hard because if you lose, you return to play from the beginning, so few players were able to reach the end where there are more than 50 rooms,

install the game to discover more; it has exceeded the number of times it has downloaded 100 million times.


offline android games without internet

Vector 2 is similar to the way (Subway Surfers), based on being chased by someone trying to catch you on a path full of obstacles and barriers that you must overcome. The game works offline without internet and has been downloaded a hundred million times from Google Play, as it is one of the top offline mobile games.

Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack Joyride game is not only available for Android but also for iPhone and computer (web version), in the game a businessman is trying to escape the gangs that are chasing him. You are playing this businessman’s role; the game has excellent graphics, small size.

offline android games without internet

It has been downloaded millions of times From Google Play; simply if you want to challenge boredom in Offline mode, the free Jetpack Joyride game is the best google play offline games.

Asphalt Nitro

Playing car racing is one of the most available games on Google Play, it is enjoyable and has many challenges, Asphalt Nitro is one of the best car games offline as it works without a net,

offline android games without internet

the game is based on the car race and takes the rewards found on the way, there are more than 125 levels, and the challenge of the game increases as you rise to a new level.


BombSquad is an entirely different game, as it based on putting bombs near the enemy to explode and defeat your enemies to get prizes. You can play with your friends via wifi; the game has excellent 3D graphics.

offline android games without internet

BombSquad is a unique game, and it deserves to be played and challenge boredom when you don’t have WiFi.


offline android games without internet

An exciting game, strange stages, you need to be smart and is based on amazing adventures, where you are trying to connect a small object to the end. The road is full of obstacles that try to catch you, and there are more than 100 levels in the game, the more you rise to a new level, the more difficult it will be. It can be played offline, can be downloaded even on older Android systems, and has been downloaded more than 10 million times.

Earn to Die

Earn to Die 2 is a car racing game but differently, mad zombies game want to kill you, and you run from them by an armored car on roads full of bumps and barriers. You have to walk the path that has the least number of obstacles and also accelerate to reach the gas station to put the car fuel. You end up in the middle of the road, and thus zombies kill you then begin the game from the first or the last gas station you have reached.

offline android games without internet

The game is free and can play without an internet connection, and it is a small size.


ZigZag is a different game from all the games mentioned above; it is a game with a fun and straightforward engineering style,

offline android games without internet

where you direct a black ball in a narrow path by pressing, again and again, to prevent the ball from falling from the edge, ZigZag is a simple and enjoyable game that will help you get rid of boredom and can play offline. The game has been downloaded over 50 million times from the Google App Store.

Infinite Loop

To eliminate boredom, Infinite Loop may be the best option, as it is one of the best games in this field that can play offline, relying on the re-orientation and rotation of a set of lines arranged vertically and horizontally to obtain a finished track

offline android games without internet

That is a form that may be a person, a boat, a house, etc., in the early stages, the number of lines is few but the more you go up to new levels the more lines to collect.


Fighting with monsters and enemies are coming your way. You have to fight and stand up to get rewards that increase your strength,

offline android games without internet

what is inside the Eternium game that can play offline, and the game like other games with several levels you have to overcome, 10 million is the number of times downloaded, It was rated 4.8 / 5 on Google Play, and it is small, not exceeding 100MB.

Alto’s Odyssey

One of the best games in 2018 from Google and an award from Apple and for many awards Alto’s Odyssey won, it is a beautiful game with amazing graphics at the same time, it is two-dimensional, and it is a list on a road that is full of bumps and potholes that You have to jump on it to be able to pass and not fall in it,

offline android games without internet

and we invite you to download the game to discover more of its advantages, of course, it works offline without an Internet connection.

Brawl Quest

Brawl Quest is also a game in which you try to escape from obstacles and confront everyone who gets in your way from different monsters with different abilities,

offline android games without internet

But what distinguishes the game is the exclusive design for it, there are several levels in the game, and the higher you rise to a new level the more powerful you become and the more constant fighting.

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