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6 Best Free Photo Editor Online to create awesome pictures

Best free photo editor online
Regardless of whether you want to erase blemishes, alter perspective, fine-tune exposure, and even blend many snaps in a complex composition, there's an online image editor out there that will do the job.With the best free photo editor onlineyou can find your snaps photo-perfect without leaving your browser, and we've collected the most similar to adobe Photoshop online...

Xiaomi Patents Reveals New Foldable Phone With Rotating Camera 2020

xiaomi foldable smartphone
Xiaomi company announced that it is seeking to develop a new smartphone with a foldable design ( Xiaomi Foldable phone ) with a unique feature that is not currently available in the foldable phones that launched during the previous period.The design is similar to the Motorola Moto Razr phone or the Galaxy Z Flip, but a part of it...

The HBO Max is live displays snapshots of its shows

The American company WarnerMedia has announced the launch of its broadcast service HBO Max, and this broadcast service joins other entertainment services online,It comes with original content such as Game of Thrones, Westworld, Loony Toons, and several TV shows produced by HBO, along with films Superheroes from the world of DC Universe produced by WarnerBros Studios.https://youtu.be/Xu4QjC4ax78Compared with HBO Go...

Oppo A53 and Oppo A73 Comparison Review for Price and Specs

A53 VS A73
Oppo A53 and Oppo A73 review - how did they achieve such great success?Today, I will present a review of the Oppo A53 and a review of the Oppo A73.I would like to see an opportunity for these mobiles and try them and see who is this user going on, what is the reason for these mobiles? … And...

Oppo Reno 5 4G Phone Officially Introduced Abroad – SD720G Processor Cool!

Oppo Reno 5
Oppo launched the new Oppo Reno 5 series abroad a while ago, and this series was supportive of the fifth-generation networks. The Reno 5 phone, the latest version that supports 4G networks abroad, has been officially launched.Specifications of Oppo Reno 5 4G: -Dimensions are 159.1 x 73.3 x 7.8 mm.Weight 171 grams.The materials are not verified, but mostly plastic.Supporting...

Apple is racing against time to produce a fifth-generation of iPhone

fifth-generation of iPhone
A new report to the Nikkei Asian Review reported that Apple is pressing suppliers to reduce production delays for the fifth-generation of iPhone 5G networks after the closures caused by the spread of the coronavirus in China and the United States, which caused the technology giant to be behind schedule.The company is slated to issue four models in the...

Complaints that iOS 14.2 is causing severe battery drain

iOS 14.2
Users on Apple Developer forums and (Reddit) websites have extensively complained that iOS 14.2 is causing serious battery drain issues.Symptoms of the problem include rapid draining of the battery and charging times longer than usual. Some users complained that their devices lose more than 50 percent of the charge in less than 30 minutes. Then they see significant drops...

Clubhouse chats are breached amid privacy security concerns

The "Clubhouse" application has enjoyed tremendous global reach, however in the process of a beta version and that version of the "iOS" system from "Apple" only so far. Still, new downloads have been estimated in the millions in recent days thanks to dozens of celebrities' accession to the application.And security concerns raised by technical reports imposed themselves in the...

Gionee Chinese phones contain malware

gionee china phones
The China Court of Judgment Documentation Network has published a verdict in a case involving Chinese phone maker Gionee and malware discovered in its phones.According to court details, more than 20 million Gionee phones between December 2018 and October 2019 contained malware via the Story Lock Screen app.And the Story Lock Screen app - which is automatically updated via...

WhatsApp Stop Working On Your Phone 2021

WhatsApp Stop Working 2021
WhatsApp Stop Working in 2021 The new WhatsApp update will Stop the popular messaging app from working on millions of phones as of January 1, 2021.Old Android and iPhone devices no longer support the latest version of the app, forcing owners to update their phone's operating system or buy a new smartphone.An iPhone that doesn't run iOS 9 or...

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Clubhouse chats are breached amid privacy security concerns

The "Clubhouse" application has enjoyed tremendous global reach, however in the process of a beta version and that version of the "iOS" system from...