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11 best GPS tracker location for Android and iPhone

One of the most important features of advanced technology is finding a location in real-time. Nowadays, every smartphone has a GPS feature to find any person's location on Earth. With these features, you can not only find your current location, but you can get the location information of your friends or family members as well.Everyone is concerned about their...

10 Best android scanner document scanning apps

Best android scanner document scanning apps
The best document scanning apps for Android, the technological development has contributed to keeping an electronic copy of paper documents on phones of the Android through the multiple applications available for download from the Google Play store.we are interested in listing details about the best document scanning apps for Android.About the best document scanning apps for Android, Many people...

How to unlock iphone passcode activation lock removal

Unlock your iPhone
Unlock the iPhone if you forgot the passwordYou can unlock iphone passcode when you forget the password without the need for formatting by following more than one method, including:IphonebrowserThe iphonebrowser app can be used for unlock iphone passcode by downloading the iphonebrowser app, then connecting the iPhone to your computer using the iPhone's connection.After that, you run the iphonebrowser...

9 apps everyone should have on their mobile phone

9 apps everyone should have on their mobile phone
More than two billion smartphone apps are available for download, but not all of them are of interest to a wide range of users and deserve use; here is a list of the essential apps that must be present in your phone.Apart from social apps, here is a list of some indispensable apps:Camscanner:Download CamScanner: Android - iOShttps://youtu.be/wsxOtoGLRPkTo scan and...

4 best cooling apps to reduce the temperature of Android phone

Best CPU coolers
Applications to reduce the temperature of an Android phone are multiple reasons behind the overheating of an Android device.You may have apps that consume many of your phone's resources, or it may be the summer heat itself that causes the phone to overheat. Whatever the reason, the important thing is that you cool down your Android device as...

6 Best keyboard for iPhone | Best ios keyboard

Best keyboard for iPhone
Android phone owners have the best third party keyboards apps for Android For years, such as Swype, SwiftKey, Fleksy, and more have taken over virtual keyboards on millions of Android smartphones while iPhone owners have been looking for Best keyboard for iPhone enviously.Since June 2014, iPhone owners download Best keyboard for iPhone like crazy, here are our picks for...

8 Best drawing app for iPhone 2020

8 Best drawing app for iPhone 2020
Despite some high competition between Android and Apple, the best smartphones for designers remain Apple devices and Apple store applications. The design can be on the iPhone, and this allows drawing anywhere, or if designs are complicated, you can use iPads or MAC.We will discuss here the Best drawing app for iPhone to speed up the illustrator's workflow.1-...

Best Android Backup Apps for Photos

best backup photos apps for android
There are many programs and applications for Android Backup Apps for Photos.Making a backup copy of your photos is an essential thing these days. As the phone now includes many personal photos, we also use it extensively at work.It is essential to make a backup android phone of the photos on your phone to avoid losing this information, which...

10 Best Android Apps 2020 To Bring Your Dreams To Life

Best android apps 2020
Google Play has around 2.5 million applications. According to the statistic that I did in the last quarter of 2019. The statistic says that almost every day 6000 applications are published.No one can try even 1% of these apps, although some best free android apps are useful, it is not very popular, but many people do not know it....

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