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How To Use Google Translate Using Camera !

google Translate Using Camera is the essential translation methods provided by Google in the recent period.

Let’s learn how to use Google Translate Using Camera to translate photos instantly for free.

It is not difficult at all, but anyone can use this fantastic feature that Google added to its translator, for example, if you see a banner that does not know what is written on it or in what language.

Long ago, some people dreamed of a way to translate with phone camera and thought it was a technology from a very distant future or would not happen one day.

If you believe like that today, congratulations, you live in this distant future, and the dream has become true!

Google Translate has come with photography, and you can now use google translate camera live to translate any image you want.

It is just moments to translate whatever pictures or banners you want.

If you don’t know how to translate photos with Google Translate, you’ve come to the right place.

All you have to do is follow the instructions that I explained to you, and you will not find it difficult anymore, no matter where you are or your native language you speak.

How to use Google translator to translate photos using camera
Google Translate camera made it easy to use after recent updates provided by Google, You need to point the camera to the text you want to translate, and the magic happens.

google translate using camera
google Translate Using Camera

Here are the right and easy steps to do this:

  • 1- Open google translate picture online or offline on your smartphone.
  • 2- Choose the language you want to translate from and the language you want to translate into (now Google can automatically detect the language).
  • 3- Click on the camera button or icon to use camera to translate.
  • 4- You have to allow the app to translate through camera.
  • 5- After that, the application asks you to download additional translation files. You can then use the translation feature. If it doesn’t work, you should take the photo first.
  • 6- Direct the camera to the article written on the image you want to translate. If a simultaneous translation is available, the text will change automatically to the selected language.
  • 7- In case the translation service is not activated, press the camera button to take the photo first.
  • 8- Now, select the text you want to translate, and the application will translate it automatically.

You can now use Google Translate to translate any document, street sign or headline just by pointing the camera at it.

google Translate Using Camera

Keep in mind that Google Translate is still not accurate, so some translations may not be 100% correct, mainly when you are translating large text.

But the job is still done very well, and every day Google Translate develops with new features.

This feature in google translate photo is available in many languages. So, no matter where you go, there you can use it.
You can find the list of supported languages. ​​

Use Google Lens for Translation
(Alternative translation by Google for picture by google Translate Using Camera)

If you don’t like Google Translate, there is an alternative, which is Google’s image recognition service known as (Google Lens).

Although google Translate Using Camera service requires you to download some additional files to enable simultaneous translation, Google Lens allows you to use simultaneous translation without any additions data.

google Translate Using Camera

To translate photos with Google Lens, open the app ( download it from the store first, if you don’t already have it ), click the Translate button, and point the camera to the text you want to translate.

The text will be translated automatically, without having to take the photo.

You now know how to use Google Photo Translator and Google Lens to translate text in images automatically with google Translate Using Camera.

Technology is serving people incredibly every day. Google is one of the big companies already working on these improvements, so the best is yet to come.

Note: you can also use google translate from picture iPhone or iPhone camera

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, write them to us in the comments at any time.


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