How to unlock iphone passcode activation lock removal

Unlock your iPhone

Unlock the iPhone if you forgot the password

You can unlock iphone passcode when you forget the password without the need for formatting by following more than one method, including:


The iphonebrowser app can be used for unlock iphone passcode by downloading the iphonebrowser app, then connecting the iPhone to your computer using the iPhone’s connection.

After that, you run the iphonebrowser program and choose the private file from the list that shows the files available on the iPhone,

Then select the var file and open the keychains.

After that, the keychain-2.DB file is selected, right-click on it and select delete file. Now the iPhone is unlocked without a password.


To unlock the iPhone without formatting, you can use the ifunbox app

  • by connecting the iPhone to the computer or laptop through a USB cable.
  • After that, click on the abobader icon through the ifunbox window below my computer icon.
  • After that, click on the raw file system icon, then choose private.
  • After that, click on the var icon and the keychains file, with the keychain-2.DB file selected from the list of files shown, and then the right click mouse button on it and choose delete file, then turn on your iPhone.

Ipwdremove app

The ipwdremove application is used to unlock iPhones without formatting

  • by downloading the ipwdremove application on your computer or laptop.
  • After that launch, the ipwdremove app from my computer, Then choose the abobader file from the c drive,
  • Then select the ipwdremove file and link the iPhone to the computer.
  • After that, press run as admin, and the phone can run without locking after the command screen that show disappears.
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How to unlock iPhone phones without formatting by Siri

The iPhone can be unlocked when the password is forgotten by using Siri on iOS 10.1 and iOS 8.0 operating systems by following steps:
  • Activate Siri from the iPhone home page, and then click on the watch icon after asking Siri about the world clock’s time to appear.
  • After that, click on (+) and write the city’s name, then press select all.
  • Select sharing from all the options, then press message, and when a new screen appears for the message, write anything in the (To) box, and then press Return, then press (+).
  • After that, create a new contact, click on Add a picture and choose it, and after the photo library appears on the iPhone, click on the home page.
  • After going to the main screen, the passcode will be switched by the known method.

How to unlock an iPhone from a computer

The iPhone can be unlocked when the password is forgotten through the computer with the tenorshare 4 ukey tool is used to unlock the iPhone if you do not remember the passcode. it can be done through a set of steps as follows:
  • Download Tenorshare 4ukey to your computer, and connect your iPhone to your computer or laptop via a USB cable.
  • Press on start to cancel the iPhone’s password, download a new package for the iOS operating system, click on the browse to add the firmware, and if the firmware package fails to download, press copy.
  • Click on the unlock phrase now and factory reset the phone without a password.
  • The iPhone will switch on to make a new setup, and you can restore all data from the backup copy.
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How to unlock iPhone phones through iCloud

iPhone can use iCloud to unlock my iphone passcode through the following steps:
  • The requirement that you have to turn on the Find my iPhone feature with the iPhone’s wifi or mobile data.
  • Go to the following iCloud website from a computer or another phone, and then log in to any cloud with an Apple account.
  • Click on all devices at the top, choose the iPhone that needs to be formatted, and then click on erase or press erase until all phone data, including the password, are deleted.
  • Do a factory reset and turn on the iPhone, then adjust the settings and work to restore the phone data through the backup copy with its source’s choice.

How to unlock iPhone when you forget the password through recovery mode

The iPhone can be unlocked by setting the recovery mode, provided that the iPhone is within the iOS system earlier of version 7 or later, due to the activation lock feature available in it, by doing these steps:
  • Connect the iPhone to the computer, then connect the iPhone to the iTunes application and launch it.
  • Pressing the Home button with the Power button together and continuing until restarting and activating the recovery mode, in the case of iPhone 5, 6, and earlier.
  • In iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, the Home button and the Volume Down button are pressed to activate the recovery mode.
  • After activating the iTunes recovery mode, selectively restore all data on the device, then the usual steps are taken to prepare the device.
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Resolve the data loss problem with the backup copy

  • When forgetting the iPhone lock password, you can reset the factory default or set format to all phone data.
  • It leads to wiping all data and files on the phone, which causes severe inconvenience to them.
  • Restoring the data available on the phone can be guaranteed. You can do this by making a backup copy of the data on the iPhone.
  • To make a backup copy of the data, go to the settings, After that select iCloud and click on backup and activate it on iCloud to store the iPhone data on the iCloud automatically to be retrieved if the data is lost.