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3 Best Ways to unlock iCloud locked iPhone

To Unlock iCloud locked iPhone Details matter, it’s worth waiting to get it right

Apple requires you to log into your iCloud account whenever you set up a new iPhone.

You’ll get an Apple ID, and when you log into your Apple account, your iPhone will be locked by the iCloud lock feature.

As good as this feature is to protect the iPhone, it may be a problem when you’re not registered in the iCloud account for forgetting the password or any other reason.

Unlock iCloud locked iPhone is not always easy for people, so there are plenty of ways to unlock iCloud locked iPhone.

Some of them are given in the rest of the article.

3 Ways To unlock iCloud locked iPhone

First Method: unlock iCloud locked iPhone

If you’re looking for a way to undo an iCloud lock online, and Unlock iCloud on iPhone you can use that method to skip the iCloud process.

Unlock iCloud on iPhone
  • First, choose the language of your device and state from the list.
  • Connect to your Wi-Fi; it will give you the words “This may take a few minutes to activate your iPhone” Press Back for returning to the Wi-Fi page.
  • Press the home page button, click Wi-Fi Settings.
  • Click on the “i” icon and then assign your DNS according to your website.
    1. United States of America:
    2. Europe:
    3. Asia:
    4. South America:
    5. Australia and Oceania:
unlock iCloud locked iPhone
  • Return to the Wi-Fi page, wait a few moments, you can now bypass the iCloud lock. Remember, every time you restart your iPhone, your data will be erased, and you have to repeat the above steps to bypass iCloud security lock for free.

Second Method: Unlock iCloud by PassFab

If you’re looking for the best iPhone iCloud program in 2021, you’re in the right place. You can get PassFab Active Unlocker to open the activation lock for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

This tool is the best solution for removing the iCloud lock on the locked iPhone. You can use the software to remove your iPhone activation lock by following the next simple steps.

  1. First, download the tool and launch it after downloading. Choose to remove iCloud activation.
  2. Now you have to click on start and read the agreement.unlock iCloud
  3. After agreeing to the terms, connect your IOS device to this software and download the “Jailbreak” tool.
  4. Insert the USB cable and burn the Jailbreak with it.unlock iCloud
  5. Follow the instructions until Jailbreak is done.unlock iCloud
  6. Then, press me to “start removing.” And wait a while.unlock iCloud
  7. After a few minutes, your iCloud lock will be removed successfullyunlock iCloud

There are many ways to unlock iCloud lock, but as you can see, using PassFab Activation Unlocker to remove the iPhone activation lock is the best way, and of course it can solve the activation lock problem for the iPad as well.

More than that, many of the programs developed by PassFab are excellent and amazing.

Third Way Can I install iCloud on Windows ?

Definitely, you can install iCloud on Windows where the iCloud is officially supported on Windows

You can download and install iCloud on Windows application on your computer to configure the iCloud sync, so this service can be enabled to synchronize the elements with iCloud Drive and send the images to your iCloud image library and sync the mail, calendar, and contacts with Outlook, and even sync your bookmarks with your browser.

icloud on windows 10
unlock iCloud locked iPhone
icloud on windows 10

Let’s know a bit about the iCloud use

What is icloud for iphone?

In short, iCloud is Apple’s cloud solution to keep your digital life synchronized across all of your company’s devices, where iCloud can store and synchronize everything from your calendar events to your photo album to your contacts then you could access this content anywhere and on any Apple device.

Also Apple, the iCloud storage service, is running syncing for many third-party apps on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac computers.

Unock iCloud on iPhone
Unock iCloud iPhone

What’s Apple storing or synchronizing with iCloud?


All Apple applications, whether on iOS or those on Mac, are synchronized using iCloud, including mail, contacts, calendar, and notes. In addition, you can synchronize your images using the iCloud image library.

Also, if you’re looking for public storage space over the Internet (Online), you can use iCloud Drive, through which anything can be stored and synchronized, making access to documents, images, audio files, and more via iOS and macOS very easy.

It should be noted that this service can also synchronize data from external applications so that your entire digital life remains updated through your devices.

How to restore an icloud backup:

restore an icloud backup

Apple’s official list of what is included in what is in icloud backup as follows:

  1. Call log.
  2. Apple Watch backup versions.
  3. Device settings.
  4. Application information.
  5. HomeKit Formation.
  6. SMS text and MMS and iMessage messages.
  7. Images and videos on the iPhone, iPad and iPod.
  8. Record purchase from Apple Services.
  9. Visual voicemail password.
  10. Tones.

Where can I use iCloud?

You may have this question in mind now, especially if you’re a new Apple user, and the answer is very simply that iCloud support is embedded in every modern Apple device since it was introduced in 2011, and of course, you can manage your iCloud account in applying settings to the iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, as well as the system’s preferences on the macOS.


You can also manage everything and even recover some lost items using the service’s official website.

How to login to icloud on android?

Unock iCloud on iPhone

Currently, there is no formal solution to login to iCloud on android and use your iCloud account with Android devices to synchronize contacts and calendars or store images in the iCloud image library, or keep content in iCloud Drive.

However, you can use your e-mail address on the iCloud with email apps available for Android, so you can at least receive your e-mail messages.

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