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How To Save Any Webpage As PDF

Learn how to save website in pdf file in a matter of seconds

regardless of the browser you’re using. Using our services, to save webpages as PDF generating PDFs is a breeze!

It’s easy to save and share websites in this day and age. Bookmark them in your preferred online browser for quick access, or share the URL with friends and family to read the web page in question.

In spite of this, there will be occasions when you are unable to connect to the internet. Additionally, you may wish to download the site in PDF format so that you may annotate it later.

As a result, this post will explain how to convert online pages to PDF using the most common web browsers on the market.

How to save webpages as PDF using Chrome

Save a website as pdf on Mac and windows using Chrome with these steps

save webpages as pdf

The page you wish to save should now be open.

Select File > Print at the upper left corner.

The keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + P (Windows) and Cmd + P (Mac) are likewise acceptable (Mac)

Under ‘Destination,’ choose ‘Change… > Save as PDF.’

Once you’ve chosen a name and location, click the “Save” button.

How To Save a Webpage as a PDF using Microsoft Edge

To save any web page in pdf on Mac and windows using Microsoft Edge:

Visit the web page you wish to convert to PDF.

Ctrl + P on Windows, Ctrl + P on Mac (Mac).

Choose ‘Microsoft Print to PDF’ from the Printer drop-down selection that appears to print to a PDF document.

To save the website in pdf format, click the “Print” button of your browser.

save webpages as pdf

How To Save a Webpage as PDF using Safari

Convert web page to pdf on mac and windows using Safari

convert any web page to pdf
  • The PDF may be saved by opening the webpage.
  • For Windows, press Ctrl + P, for Mac, cmd + p.
  • Right-click on the bottom-left drop-down arrow.
  • Take a moment to select “save as PDF” and the desired place.
  • When you click ‘Save,’ a new PDF should be downloaded to your computer.
  • Print the webpage, save it as a PDF, then download the PDF using Chrome, Internet Explorer (or Edge), or Safariā€”as you can see.
  • Don’t forget to save your page before making any changes. In some browsers, you may be able to change the page title, modify margins, and change the color size of the PDF.

How To Save a Webpage as PDF using Firefox

Because of this, Firefox does not have the ability to save a webpage as a PDF by default.
You may, however, install add-ons straight from the Mozilla online shop to do so.

If all else fails, you may always download one of the browsers listed above and save the pages you want.

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