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How to Gameshare with your friends on Xbox One

You can play video games with your friends and family at any time and in any place.

Gameshare is an Xbox One console family feature from Microsoft.

This allows users to share their video game collections each other offline in the same time or within the same physical location.

Here’s everything you should know.

This guide applies to the entire Xbox One console line, which includes the original Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Xbox One X.

How to Gameshare with your friends on Xbox One?

Before you can turn on game sharing to your liking, everybody needs the following:

  • Xbox One video game console.
  • All Xbox One editions, including the original, S, and X, are supported.
  • Access to the Internet in order to use the Xbox Live online service.
  • Each user has only one Xbox Live account. Digital games, movies, and apps may all be purchased using your Microsoft Store account on your Xbox 360 or Xbox One.
  • There is no need to register a new account if you’ve already used your Xbox console online or purchased digital games.
  • And now you know the answer of the question How to Gamesharing with your friends on Xbox One.

Why is the Xbox One home console important?

  • There are only one Home Consoles per Xbox One user, and each one is manually selected as the user’s primary device.
  • Because the Xbox One is designed as a home console, all online digital purchases and service subscriptions are linked to it, and all account content is accessible even when the user is away.
  • If you own a Home Console, you can still access your games and media on other Xbox One console.
  • This would be really useful while meeting a family member or friend.
  • However, when you log out of the other console, any access to your purchases is revoked.
  • If you wish to permanently share your games with another Xbox One console, you can set it as your Home Console.
  • It allows them to access all of your Xbox Live purchases, even after you’ve logged out, and you can continue play your games on your console by simply logging in. That’s what most people mean when they talk about sharing games.

How to share games on Xbox One?

  1. To Gameshare with another Xbox One user’s console, log in with your Xbox Live username and password and set it as your primary console.
  2. To access the guide, turn on the Xbox One console and push the Xbox icon button.
  3. Click + Add New in the far left section of the guide.
  4. Log in with your Xbox Live username or email address, along with your password.
  5. Now that you’ve logged in, open the guide again and select Settings from the far-right panel. If your Xbox One has a Kinect sensor linked to it, you can also use the voice command “Xbox, go to Settings” or “Hey Cortana, go to Settings.”
  6. Select Personalization from the menu in Settings, then My Xbox Home.
  7. Choose to make your new console a home console.
  8. This console will now be linked to all of your digital purchases, and you’ll be able to access them without logging in.
  9. You can now totally sign out by hitting the Xbox symbol button on your console, going to the far left panel of the guide, and selecting Sign Out.

Important things to remember

Sharing games and consoles at home can be overwhelming, even for an experienced Xbox One user. there are some important points you actually need to keep in mind:

  • Home Console does not refer to the console you own in your home. It’s a specific setting that you set for your Xbox One console.
  • The Xbox One you use every day at home can be your home console, or it can be a friend, relative, or someone else’s console.
  • Only one console can be provided at a time.
  • The home console setting will change in a year, nearly 5 times.
  • Your friend’s home console can still be used to buy and play video games, but you can only do this if you make the console you own.
  • Your Xbox One games, including your own Xbox One console at home, can be shared with a guest who is signed in.
  • Even if you sign out, any Xbox One games or media you purchase with your account will be visible to everyone who plays on your assigned home console.
  • All of your account information and passwords can be accessed by anyone who has this home console. You must sign out of this console after making it your “Home Console” so that no one else can see these things.
  • It will remain your Home Console once you log in to your digital content library.

What content can be shared with Xbox Gameshare?

  1. Using Gamesharing offers other users access to all digital video games on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, along with paid membership services like Xbox Live Gold and EA Access.
  2. If that doesn’t sound great to you, you can consider gifting a toy to your friend or family so they don’t have to share your favors.
  3. 3. Sharing an Xbox Live Gold subscription with another person can be extremely advantageous, as this service is required to play online Xbox games.
  4. Making your Xbox One console a home console gives someone else access to your Xbox Live subscriptions, but you can still use them for any other console you’re signed in.

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