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How To Connect Airpods To PS4 Or PS4 Pro Or PS5

If you prefer to play on consoles ps4, it is certain that you will have difficulty connecting Airpods To PS4.

Where users face headphones AirPods problem when trying to connect them to a device PS4 or PS4 Pro. That’s because AirPods are usually compatible with Bluetooth-enabled devices.

The reason for this is that the console in ps4 is not compatible with the Bluetooth audio technology. Therefore, trying to provide the compatibility of these devices with AirPods it is not easy.

Utilizing AirPods with a PlayStation 4 isn’t generally so natural as connecting them. While Apple’s AirPods offer incredible remote sound, the PS4 console doesn’t uphold Bluetooth sound like numerous different gadgets do.

connect AirPods to ps4

As Sony’s PS4 doesn’t make it simple to connect AirPods to ps4 associate a bunch of outsider earphones to the games console, workarounds are required.

Albeit a few choices are more straightforward than others, there are still choices for those hoping to match AirPods to a PS4.

You can connect AirPods to ps4 by using an intermediary, a dongle

When you sync AirPods with PS4, audio access will not work due to a system incompatibility PS4 With Bluetooth technology, the dongle in this case is the connection method that supports synchronization AirPods with PS4.

Into the designated slot in the dongle, you will notice the headphones are either gold or silver, platinum, bearing the Sony brand, all require the use of a dongle in the case of connection with PS4.

To connect AirPods to ps4, you can use the dongle either with headphones or AirPods.
We can recommend to you Avantree Leaf Long Range USB Bluetooth Audio Transmitter Adapter.

It is characterized by containing several uses and is perfectly suitable for synchronization AirPods with your PS4
Several models are available from this carrier that differ in terms of price and capabilities. You can choose what suits your capabilities and at the same time achieves its purpose.
The sync problem remains AirPods with PS4 List unless there is a future USB Appropriate.

Pairing airpods with the receiver USB to connect airpods to ps4

This is also a good and guaranteed way, where you can connect a device PS4 with a dongle USB.

  • Press the play signal button in AirPods, which is located behind the box, to let you connect and sync.
  • The blinking light of the call button will turn off once the connection is made.
  • Once the connection process is completed, head to Settings on your device PS4> Hardware > Audio equipment.
  • Then go to the input slot of the device, and make sure the correct connection of the OUTBOOT with the headphones connected to the controller USB. Select All audio.

Now you can connect AirPods to ps4, and you can use AirPods fully synchronized with the device PS4 yours very clearly.

If you just want to hear the sounds inside the game, you have to follow the same previous steps and only the stage of configuring the settings.

You will find some minor differences between a receiver, USB, And another, but in the end, it will achieve the desired, which is the coordination of sync with Bluetooth in the headphones.

Would you be able to utilize airpods to talk with different players?

The short response is no. Despite the fact that AirPods have an implicit mouthpiece, the Bluetooth connector will just send the sound from your control center to your earphones.
To have the option to chat with different players through earphones, you’ll have to utilize a couple that is made for PS4 or PS5.

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