5 Easy Steps to Run Xbox Game Pass Android TV

After spending some time showing the demo in order to identify problems such as Xbox Cloud, Microsoft finally released the Xbox Game Pass Android TV.

It allows you to run a range of special Xbox games on your smartphone or android TV, and you don’t even need a custom game device or a personal computer, or any high-profile device to do so. Which makes it an excellent entry point for access to games.

As long as you have an Android smartphone or tablet or even android TV, a Game Pass Ultimate subscription, and a good Internet connection, you can enjoy all the cloud Xbox Game Pass games.

In this article, we explain how to access the Xbox Game Pass application and run it on your Android TV.

What are the minimum specifications for Xbox Game Pass Android TV?

The list of basic specs for streaming Game Pass to your Smart TV is pretty short. Here’s everything you need:

  1. Compatible mobile device: Android version 6.0 or later, Bluetooth version 4.0+.
  2. A Bluetooth compatible Xbox wireless controller (a controller holder is optional but recommended).
  3. 5GHz Wi-Fi or 10Mbps cellular data connection (the service also works on 2.4GHz).
  4. Xbox Game Pass app.

How to connect the controller to Android TV?

Some video games will help you use contact controls to play them, however, to experience the entire experience, you may want to attach your controller of desire the usage of Bluetooth.

Xbox Game Pass Android TV

The reliable Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X controllers work perfectly, however, there are lots of unofficial options accessible so that it will do the identical activity as well.

To connect your official Xbox controller, you’ll first need to make sure Bluetooth is turned on with your smart display and perform the search.

To do this, head over to Settings -> Connections -> Bluetooth, then turn it on.

Next, activate the controller, and preserve the plug button on the pinnacle till the light in the front begins blinking.

The need to join routinely. If you typically use the controller together along with your Xbox One or Xbox Series S/X, you could discover that it additionally automatically connects to it, so ensure you unpair it.

Also, a controller mount is extraordinarily recommended, however now no longer necessary, because it will make the whole thing greater comfortable to preserve for the duration of lengthy sessions.

How to download and play Xbox Game Pass Android TV?

Xbox Game Pass Android TV 3

The first factor you may note is that there are exclusive Game Pass apps at the Google Play Store.

The model with the white history is the beta (pictured below, right), that is what you could use earlier than the professional Game Pass broadcast.

Download the app with a green background (pictured below, left) so that it will come up with the maximum stable experience.

Download Xbox Game Pass

Download Xbox Game Pass (Beta)

After signing up for Game Pass Ultimate, head over to the app and check-in together along with your e-mail cope with details. You will now have complete access to the whole thing the provider has to offer.

The home page allows you to switch between the three distinct regions — cloud, game console, and PC. Both the Gaming Device and PC classes assist you to browse and set up what is to be had remotely for your signed-in devices, whilst the cloud is in which you could play video games directly.

As you scroll through the app it will suggest a lot of titles play, you can also scroll down the cloud tab and sort the list alphabetically (A-Z). When you pick out the game of your preference, click on Play and the app will connect with Microsoft servers earlier than loading everything. It’s first-rate smooth to head returned to any recreation you have performed earlier than as well

Xbox Game Pass Android TV 1

Just head back under the main menu, tap on the title of your choice and it will load instantly.

Things to consider before installing Xbox Game Pass Android TV

Currently, streaming via Game Pass is not an excellent manner to experience video games, and your revel in relies upon numerous special factors

Device issues you should be aware of:

While the service itself may not use your Android TV’s resources to the maximum, the “always-on” factor while you’re gaming can ruin your battery life.

If you don’t want to be tied to a power socket — the kind that affects the idea of ​​gaming on your Android TV in the first place — it might be worth considering getting a power bank to help you get through longer sessions.

Just as with a devoted gaming tool or PC, better display refresh quotes could make the distinction between stealing victory and savoring defeat.

Other Issues

Some routers routinely transfer the gadgets linked to them from 2.4GHz to 5GHz from time to time. If you locate your connection lags or fluctuates frequently even as gaming, it is able to be useful to look if you may simplest connect with 5GHz.

Be conscious that a few routers integrate 2.4GHz and 5GHz channels into one device. Therefore, you ought to manually input router settings, cut up channels, and rename them, for you to connect with 5GHz.

Even in the world’s quality connections, the character of streaming manner that a few video games will drop regardless of what you do. Something like Forza or the Gears of War series, each of which requires brief reactions from the player, you will battle to play in comparison to a slower approach name like Two Point Hospital or Wasteland 3.

There is presently no manner to download titles to play offline and there are no plans to feature this feature. If you’ve got been hoping to take a few Xbox video games on a prolonged road journey or flight, you are sadly out of luck.

It’s time to pl0ay Xbox game Android TV

This is! It’s a good idea to use Xbox Game Pass Android TV. Setup is simple, and so long as your hardware is compatible, you will be up and starting in no time.

All you need to do now could be move and discover the video games to be had to you on Xbox Game Pass. You can now learn about the best cloud gaming services for video game streaming

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