Clubhouse chats are breached amid privacy security concerns

The “Clubhouse” application has enjoyed tremendous global reach, however in the process of a beta version and that version of the “iOS” system from “Apple” only so far.

Clubhouse chats

Still, new downloads have been estimated in the millions in recent days thanks to dozens of celebrities’ accession to the application.

And security concerns raised by technical reports imposed themselves in the cyber community, amid warnings that this application is easy to penetrate and has already been hacked by some people, who entered the circular broadcast without invitations.

In a report, the agency “Bloomberg” of America stated that the chat rooms in the “Clubhouse” could breach, which raises concerns about information security and privacy.

it comes a week after the application’s administrators announced that they are taking steps to ensure that malicious hackers or spies do not steal user data,

but at least one attacker managed to steal some of the live chat sessions on the platform.

“One user, identity hasn’t revealed, has succeeded in making a podcast from several chat rooms of the Clubhouse application this week, through a third site,” said Rima Behansi, a spokeswoman for “Club House.”

The company added a permanent ban on this user and put in place new preventive measures to prevent this from recurring, noting that researchers said that the platform “is not in a position to make these promises.”

Stanford Internet Monitor, which was the first to raise security concerns about the app publicly, said on February 13 that users of the Clubhouse app for iOS should assume that are record all conversations.

“Clubhouse cannot make any promises of privacy for conversations that take place anywhere in the world,” said Alex Stamuth, director of the observatory and former chief security expert at the social networking site “Facebook.”

According to Bloomberg, Stamos and his team were also able to confirm that Clubhouse relies on a Shanghai-based startup called Agora Inc. for handling a lot of its background processes.

The expert added: “While (Clubhouse) is responsible for its user experience, such as adding new friends and finding rooms, the basic system relies on the Chinese company to process data traffic and produce voice,” he said.

Stamos said the Clubhouse’s reliance on Agora raises widespread privacy concerns, especially for Chinese citizens and dissidents under the impression that their conversations are outside state control.

Agora said that it could not comment on the security or privacy protocols in the application and insisted that it does not “store or share personally identifiable information” for any of its customers,

of which “Clubhouse” is only one of them, adding: “We are committed to making our products as safe as possible.”.

“Over the weekend, cybersecurity experts noticed that audio and metadata had pulled from the Clubhouse to another location,” Bloomberg says.

For his part, Robert Potter, a security expert, said: “A user has set up a way to share his login information remotely with the rest of the world.” The real problem is that people thought that these conversations were private at all.

“Whoever is behind the theft of the broadcast over the weekend built his system around the JavaScript toolkit used to compile the Clubhouse application, as the platform was effectively rigged and didn’t know the identities of the attackers,” Stamos said.

The “Club House” application has finally succeeded in raising $ 100 million, with its market value reaching one billion dollars. In contrast, the value of “Agora” has increased by 150% since mid-January, where its value now reaches nearly $ 10 billion.

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