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    Android phone owners have the best third party keyboards apps for Android For years, such as Swype, SwiftKey, Fleksy, and more have taken over virtual keyboards on millions of Android smartphones while iPhone owners have been looking for Best keyboard for iPhone enviously.

    Since June 2014, iPhone owners download Best keyboard for iPhone like crazy, here are our picks for the best keyboard for iPhone.


    Is the first Best keyboard for iPhone
    The title feature provided by Grammarly’s iOS keyboard app is a complex grammar review that goes beyond the usual spell check to give you advice on punctuation, contextual spell checking, and highlighting abused words.

    It can also help you build your vocabulary and provide synonyms, making it a perfect app for students or business people,

    Grammarly also has emojis, a smart auto-correction feature, and it allows you to create your dictionary.


    Gboard is a google keyboard ios; and Best keyboard for iPhone and ios keyboard that includes everything you want within a single application.

    Whether you are sending GIFs or emojis, searching Google for information, sending directions, or anything else, you have covered Gboard.

    With Gboard, you can search and send anything from Google, including information about restaurants, videos, photos, weather forecasts, news, sports scores, and more.

    The app also adds Glide Typing, which allows you to type messages faster and more accurately that’s why it’s one of the Best keyboard for iPhone.


    The second Best keyboard for iPhone
    The Phraseboard app aims to get rid of the pain caused by the daunting task of writing the same responses over and over by letting you memorize them, so you can select one of your pre-written answers to respond quickly.

    You can create your custom phrases and sort them by category, and you can even quickly access the Phraseboard widget to create new phrases no matter what you do with the iPhone.

    Don’t worry about having to reinstall this Keyboard as all your phrases sync to iCloud.


    SwiftKey Keyboard is one of the best keyboard for iPhone and best third party keyboards for iOS is a smart keyboard that learns from you and adapts to the way you type and capture your favourite emoji. It is loaded with many features that make typing more comfortable, including multilingual support, many emoji, and typing Express using SwiftKey Flow.

    Using the app, you can type less and more accurately in your language, providing support for more than 150 languages ​​, including four English language versions, two types of Portuguese, Italian and German, four types of French, and three types of Spanish.

    you can also customize the keyboard layout and layout.


    Fleksy one of most popular and best keyboard for iPhone offers users a fun and interactive way to type in your style. You can customize your Fleksy Keyboard with powerful plugins and over 50 colourful themes.

    Some themes cost one dollar, but many are free, the app comes with over 800 emojis and has a built-in GIF search engine.

    Keyboard support 42 languages ​​, including English, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Hebrew, Dutch, and more.

    It learns writing habits on the go, enabling you to give you accurate predictions, which helps reduce typos.

    Go Keyboard

    Go Keyboard offers next-word prediction, scrolling, emoji, and stickers and also one of the best keyboard for iPhone.

    This Keyboard is very customizable, with lots of custom themes, wallpapers, and even key tones and fonts.

    The free version supports more than 40 languages, if you choose to subscribe, you can go without ads and get the choice of themes and stickers, but it’s costly for $20 a month.

    If you are in a country where you need a keyboard in something other than English or Spanish, especially if you need hard-to-find foreign languages ​​like Thai, Urdu, and Lithuanian, this is a keyboard will often use that you want to try.

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