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10 Best Cooking Games on Android And iPhone

Cooking is known only to some people, such as women and girls, whether you want to learn to cook or get rid of boredom.

Here are the best cooking games apps for adults, kids, girls, and boys.

These game applications are available for Android and iPhone. Some are also available for computers, which means that they are available on the App Store and Google Play and its alternatives.

Best cooking game app

Frankly, there are many cooking games. They are a lot of application stores, but most of them are not beautiful, so we searched for a long time and collected the 10 best cooking game apps (Android and iPhone) best real cooking games for mobile.

1- Good Pizza, Great Pisa

Is one of the best cooking game apps Over 50 million is the number of times the Good Pizza; Great Pizza cooking game downloaded from the Google Play Store alone.

If this number denotes anything, then it indicates that this cooking game is excellent and fun and one of the best cooking games.

best cooking game app

Good Pizza, Great Pizza cooking game is one of the best real cooking games for adults and kids. It focuses specifically on pizza. This game’s objective is to raise the restaurant chain by making pizza and eventually owning the shop.

The cooking game Good Pizza, Great Pizza, has timed sessions, where you can prepare pizza during the “open” hours of your store’s business day. You can then use your earnings to upgrade your store, buy new additions to your pizza, or upgrade your pizza makers.

The strange aspect of this game is that the music is weird, as it sounds like a horror movie instead of a cooking simulator.

Download: Good Pizza, Great Pisa for Android and IOS.

2- Diner Dash Adventures

Another highly-rated cooking title is Diner Dash Adventures, one of the best cooking game app where you have to fix an abandoned dinner and turn it into a fresh dinner. Diner Dash Adventures’ cooking game focuses on time-based tasks and learns to manage your finances so you can upgrade your store correctly.

You can customize menus, recipes, and foods, where you can cook various foods, such as donuts, burgers, milkshakes, and more hundreds of foods to present to your customers.

best cooking game app

In the diner Dash Adventures cooking game, you can also redesign gardens and homes, completely change the decor, and much more. Children and adults can enjoy this game.

The game can download from Google Play, App Store, and various stores for free, and it can also play without any subscription, but some in-app features require purchase.

Download: Diner Dash Adventures for Android and IOS.

3- Cooking City

Cooking City is a fun cooking game with a bright, colorful interface that makes playing very easy. It is one of the best real cooking games & best cooking games that will make you “chef,” and it is free, but of course, there are in-game purchases.

Instead of running a restaurant as you would in the previous Good Pizza, Great Pizza cooking game, Cooking City focuses on completing timed “food combinations.” How quickly you can fill out these groups for your clients will determine your overall profits.

best cooking game app

The beautiful thing about Cooking City is that you can play it offline without the Internet.

Download: Cooking City for Android and IOS.

4- Cooking Craze

Cooking Craze is similar to Cooking City. It has bright and colorful time management titles. Here too, the goal is to complete the food groups for your customers.

In Cooking Craze, you can choose from a group of over 100 items to cook delicious dishes that satisfy your customers, such as burgers, sushi, and Italian pizzas. It’s one of the best cooking game apps.

best cooking game app

Cooking Craze is free and has some paid features. Also, sometimes some ads may appear, but they are not many or annoying, so you will take your freedom while you play in this cooking game, which adults and children, girls and boys can play.

Download: Cooking Craze for Android and IOS

5- Cooking Fever

Cooking Fever is a top-rated cooking game in the field of cooking games. Like most cooking apps, the goal of Cooking Fever is to finish time-based food groups.

And unlike the previous two apps, there is restaurant management involved from the start, explaining to you the controls of the tools in the game, and guiding you through the process of creating food groups.

You can prepare hundreds of different cuisines from Indian, Chinese, and more. It has many levels that exceed 1000’s, and the more you level up, the more difficult the game becomes, which increases the fun.

best cooking game app

Cooking Fever is the most popular game in the list of best cooking games for Android and iPhone, as it has only been downloaded from Google Play more than 100 million times.

Download: Cooking Fever for Android and IOS

6- Perfect Slices

Frankly, this game is excellent and enjoyable, as it has a lot of tools that will entertain you, but it has mixed feelings towards it, so it has a somewhat bad side.

In summary, Perfect Slices is an excellent and fun game, as the main goal is to chop the vegetables as quickly as possible.

You also need to pay close attention to avoiding cutting other things on the “cutting board” such as stone that might shatter your knife.

You can buy new items to upgrade your knife or buy fresh vegetables with the coins you earn while playing at the end of each level. It is a fun and easy game at the same time.

It is perfect if you want to have a little entertainment before bed (mentioning sleep, if your rest is short, or you are looking for the best alarm clock applications, go to the article from here).

best cooking game app

The downside to the Perfect Slices cooking game contains ads, where it becomes incredibly annoying. Unfortunately, it is terrible. The game is fun, but this is its negative side, and if you want to remove ads, you only have to pay $3 to play in complete comfort.

Download: Perfect Slices for Android and IOS.

7- Restaurant Story 2

“Cooking is life, cooking is love,” the game developers say. Restaurant Story 2 is the purest “cooking game” in this list of top cooking games, as it lets you design everything in your restaurant from the ground up.

For example, you can choose the type of floor tiles, select the ovens, and even create very complicated recipes. Despite all this, the game is simple.

Restaurant Story 2 best cooking game app

This game is perfect, especially for people who like to control every aspect of the game; it is suitable for girls and boys, old and young. The cooking game Restaurant Story is free and has some features that require a purchase.

What shows that the game is significant is the number of downloads that reached 10 million times.

Download: Restaurant Story for Android and IOS

8- Slices

Slices are another food-related cooking game, but it’s a little different from the above. The game’s main objective is to fill in circular plates so that you can inspect the boards. And if you don’t, you will lose space and lose the level.

Slices best cooking game app

The cooking game Slices are easy to play and understand; it is also very relaxing and surprisingly attractive, and with great music while playing, which increases the fun. The only downside is that the game contains many ads, but they can remove with an in-app purchase.

Download: Slices for Android and IOS

9- I Peel Good

I Peel Good is a simple game, but at the same time fun. It does not require any skills. All you have to do is peel all kinds of vegetables and fruits from potatoes to apples.

The longer the peel slices, the more points you get. The game’s graphics are insanely professional, and despite that, its size is only 148 MB.

i Peel Good best cooking game app

I Peel Good is a strangely calming game that’s good to play for a few minutes to relax, but it contains a lot of ads, but it can remove with a purchase (but it can be played offline without the net, and it gets rid of ads even without a subscription).

The number of times the game has been installed is over 10 million.

Download: I Peel Good for Android and IOS

10- Sandwich

The last great cooking game on the list of best mobile cooking games is Sandwich, which appears from its name to having something to do with sandwiches. The goal of the game is to build and eat a sandwich. The cooking game is pretty simple to play, and you can make these sandwiches by folding many layers of sandwiches on top of each other.

Sandwich best cooking game app

Once done, you eat the Sandwich and earn points. But setting the Sandwich is very difficult as it was not impossible, there is even an undo button. The game has several challenging levels. You can download the game to learn more about the game and enjoy a new experience.

Download: Sandwich for Android and IOS

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