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4 best cooling apps to reduce the temperature of Android phone

Applications to reduce the temperature of an Android phone are multiple reasons behind the overheating of an Android device.

You may have apps that consume many of your phone’s resources, or it may be the summer heat itself that causes the phone to overheat. Whatever the reason, the important thing is that you cool down your Android device as soon as possible.

The following apps will help you reduce your device’s temperature of Android to prevent you from having more problems due to the high temperature.

The following apps are all free, so you have nothing to lose but a few minutes of your time to get to know them and choose the app that appeals to you. That is why let’s get to know the 4 best applications to reduce Android phones’ temperature.

4 best cooling apps to reduce the temperature of Android phone

Most of the applications mentioned here have the same name, so we highly recommend using the application links below each application’s description. This is to avoid downloading a different application from the other and not as we mentioned in this topic.

Cooler Master app

The cooler Master app is one of the best cooling apps user-friendly applications to reduce the phone temperature of Android.

You can cool down your phone by clicking one button in the application.

temperature of Android

The application will then work directly on cooling your phone quickly and with remarkable results. Also, Cooler Master gives you the ability to know the percentage of RAM consumption and the percentage of phone consumption of the CPU processor accurately

If you are notified that your phone is overheated, you need to click the blue button in the main application interface to cool your phone directly.

The idea that the application works is that it blocks the applications that cause the phone to overheat. However, you can exclude some applications from being locked through the options provided by the application. When you leave your phone alone when you need to cool it down, for example, make sure not to expose it to direct sunlight as it will prevent the phone from cooling.

Cooler Master – CPU Cooler

This application is one of the most prominent applications in knowing your Android phone’s temperature and reducing it with the click of a button.

Cooler Master – CPU Cooler app will help you discover the real-time CPU temperature of Android and RAM usage status of your smartphone using it in an organized and simple way. The app will also display device information, including some phone and CPU specs and the battery. It will also help reduce the temperature of Android by detecting and closing the apps that are causing the phone to overheat.

temperature of Android

All you have to do in this application is to search for the application that is causing the phone to overheat. And then clicking on the Cooler option, this is to cool the phone by closing these applications. In addition to that, this phone temperature of Android down app also enhances your smartphone’s performance by cleaning up its RAM. You can also clear junk files to get more space, and there is also a battery saver to make your phone run a little longer. It is also possible to set a widget on the cooling home screen with one click without entering the application.

Finally Clean App

Finally Clean App android

Finally, Clean is one of the best cooling apps to reduce Android phone temperature.

It can finally help solve problems related to refrigeration and storage. The application includes a simple interface that shows the status of your device’s storage and RAM. There is a CPU cooler option in the main interface of the app, click on it, and it will show you the phone’s temperature. And here, after the processor overheats, click Cool to reduce the temperature of Android. The app will also help you delete unnecessary files from your phone and increase the phone’s internal memory space with ease. You can also delete applications directly from within the application and from its roots. You can even delete these applications in one batch and not separately to save time and effort

Super Phone Cooler

Super Phone Cooler app best cooling apps that tracks real-time temperature for your Android smartphone.

temperature of Android

The application is effortless as the details shown are represented in a superb and uncomplicated manner. It will also show you the temperature in both graphical and digital form. It keeps updating every second to provide you with accurate results about your phone’s temperature.

Find the apps that are causing the phone to overheat. Once the scan for this app is complete, tap on the cool down option, and the app will start counting down for a few seconds to reduce the phone temperature. After the required cooling time has passed, the app will show you how much your phone temperature has decreased. Also, it will remind you to keep your phone cool when the phone is overheated. Also, smart charging will help you monitor the temperature and prevent overcharging anytime the phone is charged.

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