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10 Best document scanning apps android scanner

The best document scanning apps for Android, the technological development has contributed to keeping an electronic copy of paper documents on phones of the Android through the multiple applications available for download from the Google Play store.

we are interested in listing details about the best document scanning apps for Android.

About the best document scanning apps for Android, Many people rely on the smart mobile phone camera to photograph documents to keep them in the form of images in the phone memory. Still, many are looking for other methods that allow photographing documents in PDF or paper documents that are easy to modify and control Colors and glow in them, so document scanner apps are the best solution.

We will be interested in providing more information about these apps by explaining some types of these applications and the advantages of using each of them.

The best document scanning apps group for Android

Adobe Scan:

This application works by scanning documents based on light using the camera of the Android phone device. It converts paper documents into PDF format documents and then saves these documents on the phone memory or sends them through one of the messaging applications.

In relying on this application’s use, you must focus on the paper document to be scanned by focusing the phone device on it during photography to get the best quality.

The advantages of this application are the ability to modify document pages by arranging and correcting color and the ability to convert color documents to black and white.

Genius Scan:

This application is the best document scanning apps for Android due to its simplicity in use and the high accuracy with which it converts paper documents into pdf documents on the phone.

Just click on the camera button on the application screen and place the documents in front of the camera. This application allows sharing of documents and storing them in the cloud on various cloud applications.

Office Lens:

Microsoft developed this application, which guarantees users’ compatibility with other office applications. The application contains a powerful scanner that works with docs and other programs such as PDF, PPT, Excel, and Onenote.

This application allows controlling documents in more than one way, such as controlling brightness and color contrast; what differentiates this application is that it does not contain any kind of annoying ads.


This application falls in the category of multi-purpose applications. This is due to its ability to scan documents, that is, in converting paper documents to PDF files on Android devices.

It is available in the free version, as it can be used to convert paper documents from Just images on the phone to editable texts, but this use is not free. It is available in the paid version only.

The paid version is available for purchase at $ 1.99 only once is compared with the previous application, Office Lens terms of scanning accuracy, the previous application wins.

What defines this application is the support for the cloud storage feature and the ease of dealing with the professional interface.

PDF Scanner:

it is one of the best android scanner apps, available for free, but the free version is accompanied by many annoying adsA paid version is available for a one-time purchase for $ 2.99.

This application supports many languages ​​, more than 100 languages. It is available for use without the Internet, easy to control through which to edit the text before saving documents to the device’s memory.

Google Drive:

Perhaps this application is not the best document scanning apps for Android. Still, since it is already installed on most Android phones and many individuals depend on it for many uses, we mention that this application includes a scanner feature that contributes to document scanning apps.

Accessing this feature on the application is available by clicking on the “+” button at the bottom right of the application, where various options and features appear, including the scanning feature.

The scanner inside this application supports cutting and adjusting documents and supports the process of changing colors and quality control, among others.

Clear Scan:

This application is available to all users of Android phones for free, but includes ads that annoy users, supports the process of scanning any set of documents quickly and directly,

supports the process of converting this group to PDF or JPEG format, supports the process of processing documents, whether after picture-taking or after saving My documents are already on the phone.

The application also supports other advantages, including saving multiple pages in a single document, including controlling the order of pages in this document, including maintaining page sizes in PDF files, including storage in the cloud on any of these applications: Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive.

Fast Scanner:

This application is called a hard scanner. It includes many advantages, including that it supports the editing process and the cloud printing process. The free version available of this application limits the number of documents that are scanned.

Still, the paid version removes this limit, so in If you want to scan a lot of documents, you must purchase the paid version.

Text Fairy:

It is considered the best document scanning apps for Android as it is free to use. Although it is free, it does not contain any annoying advertisements. It supports converting images to text. It allows modification to this text and then allows converting this text into a PDF file. It also allows Copying any text and using it in various other applications.

It also supports dealing with documents in different types of languages, more than 50 languages.

Smart Lens:

An application that supports the process of scanning documents and documents and converting images into text, and being a language translator as it helps translate these texts into other languages, this application supports the Arabic language.

In conclusion, we have presented in the lines and paragraphs of the article 10 types of applications that many individuals around the world rely on in photocopying paper documents and in converting the phone device into a practical and high-quality scanner.

each app with comprehensive details about the method of use and its advantages, you can choose the best android scanner apps From your point of view and rely on it to keep important documents, amend them, and send them to whom it may concern through various messaging applications.

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