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10 Best Android Apps To Bring Your Dreams To Life

Google Play has around 2.5 million applications. According to the statistic that I did. The statistic says that almost every day 6000 applications are published.

No one can try even 1% of these apps, although some best free android apps are useful, it is not very popular, but many people do not know it.

That’s why we will bring to you each time a new article for top installed apps, and best android apps, that will be the first time you hear about it. and after you know it, you will use it daily

And today, we have collected 10 download apps for android free applications for you. Most of them are new applications, and I think this will be the first time you will hear about them.

1- Crono Notification

In case you are in a meeting, or your mobile is in the charger and away from you; Crono keeps you in sync with all your notification or calendar events.

Crono Notification
best android apps
  • Cancel any phone call from your laptop.
  • See any message sent to WhatsApp, Viber, or any application.
  • Reply to any message sent to any application.
  • See the SMS and reply to it.
  • Ring on mobile through the Crono extension that you have on your laptop, for instance, you can’t find your phone, you have the option to ring your phone directly from your browser.
Crono Notification is the best android apps for notifications

To use the Crono Notification all you need is to download from the Google Play Store ( Crono Notification ) application and download the extension to your laptop. But the two devices must be on the same WiFi network.

2- Who Touched My Phone

Who Touched My Phone on of the best android apps
best android apps

When you feel that someone searches on your mobile phone without your knowledge and you want to know who did that, Who Touched My Phone application record how many times this person tried to open your mobile and could not, and if he was able to unlock your phone, 

It sends you a report of the date and time that this person searched your files and it takes a picture of him or her through the front camera so that he can’t deny he or she did that.

Who touch my phone one of the best best android apps secure your phone for people

Who Touched My Phone application works in the background. No one can know that it works and takes a picture of the person and also records without doing any attention to anyone who wants to try to search on your phone and gives him a sense of reassurance until he messes with his comfort. On the other hand, you only can see what he did on your mobile.

3- Rotation Lock Bubble

When I opened the Rotation on the mobile, for example, to watch youtube or something else and forgot to close it 

Rotation Lock Bubble
best android apps

After that, I slept and woke up, open the WhatsApp, and I got the Rotation on its own. It makes me feel angry.

Rotation lock bubble is best android apps for rotation

Rotation Lock Bubble app solves this problem quickly, and it will not make you forget. 

Enable Rotation mode, which is the mode we use most of the time. Then open a specific application, for example, YouTube and want to do Rotation. 

This time a small tab appears to click on, to leave the mobile running Rotation, and when you finish watching a video on YouTube, click on it again, and the screen returns to its normal position.

4- Shake Light 

Shake light
best android apps

Nobody doesn’t use the mobile flashlight daily as a searchlight. It is not just to take a photo. Shake Light is an application that quickly opens the phone flashlight after you shake the mobile with your hands. I mean, you will not need to pull down the menu bar to open the flashlight.

All you need to do is enable Shake Light then close it, and when you shake the phone, the flash will turn on automatically.

When the mobile is in your pocket, it will not work by itself, because you can adjust the sensitivity of vibration, You can choose a strong shake or simple shake to turn the flashlight on.

5- Movavi Clips

Movavi Clips
best android apps

Sometimes you need to do quick editing on videos on your mobile. Or editing a story that includes photos, you do not need to open the computer or use a complex application, simply use Movavi Clips.

Movavi Clips is easy to use, even if you do not have any experience before of how to edit video, it is straightforward to understand how it works.

Open Movavi Clips App and press the (+) Plus button and choose photo or video, then select the video or photo from your mobile and click on (Start Editing button).

Movavi Clips one of the best android apps for editing videos

It will ask you to choose the Aspect Ratio for the video if you want your video to be Portrait, to suit the Instagram Story or a Landscape like YouTube videos select the one that suits you. If you select more than one video, you will be able to see them in the timeline.

What you will get in the free Version:

  • Click on any part of the video to trim or cut it. 
  • Erase a specific part of any video easily, by pulling up or down.
  • Add sound to the video through the free application library.
  • Delete the main video sound.
  • Rotation for video.
  • Choose the background colour of the video.
  • Make Transition between videos.
  • Speed up or slow down the video.
  • Add a logo to the video or write texts.
  • Do filtration for video.

6- Microsoft Math Solver

The idea of Microsoft Math Solver is not new. It is a solution to mathematical problems from taking a snapshot of the equation by mobile camera. and by the way, this app belongs to Microsoft. 

Microsoft Math Solver really one of the best android apps for equations

It explains every step in the mathematical equation resolved. It is not just a calculator, but it gives you the result in detail.

You can also write it through the Draw tab. 

You can write the equation; it will solve the equation and explain how did that.

Also, you can write the equation with the mobile keyboard. Honestly, it is a powerful and useful app.

7- Computer Launcher

Of course, we all know the Launcher apps, which are applications that change the mobile interface and icons.

But the Computer Launcher app lets your mobile convert to Windows 10, with most features of Windows 10. 

Computer Launcher top and best android apps for convert your mobile to windows 10

I tried it and said to myself it would be difficult to use, But after I used it, I found it very simple and I liked it very much.

Once you download and run the app, it will switch to the Windows 10 interface, and Start Menu button to find all the applications or search on anything you have on your phone.

Also, you can open your messages and make your calls quickly.

8- WallSpy

It is a wallpaper app for mobile. Of course, Google Play has many wallpaper applications, but WallSpy is one of the unique apps.

There are more than 8000 HD Wallpapers updated daily, and it is divided into many categories to find whatever you need.

WallSpy is best android apps for wallpapers

And the most feature that I like in the app, It can change the colors of wallpaper to whatever you want.

I mean, you can click on any image and Customize and change the colours as you wish.

You can get from one image dozens of different images with some changes on each one.

9- NotifyBuddy

Many of us have smartphones, but some mobile does not have a Notification LED. This application can make your mobile have one quickly.

NotifyBuddy works on lighting a pixel on the screen when you get a notification, and You can choose the size of the LED in the AMOLED screen, location, colour, and all apps that turn on the LED. 

NotifyBuddy best android apps for making LED

This app is working well, but the only problem with it that the mobile must have the AMOLED screen, not the IPS LCD screen.

That’s mean all the cheap smartphones that have IPS screens will not work.

10- SplitCloud

SplitCloud is the only streaming music player that allows you to share one headphone and hear two different songs at the same time! If you need to share headphones with a friend, this app for you! 

Easily access all SoundCloud songs plus all the music stored on the device’s music library.

one of the best android apps for listen with your friend 2 songs in the same time
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