9 apps everyone should have on their mobile phone

More than two billion smartphone apps are available for download, but not all of them are of interest to a wide range of users and deserve use, here is a list of the 9 apps everyone should have on their mobile phone and essential apps that must be present in your phone.

Apart from social apps, here is a list of some indispensable apps:


Download CamScanner: Android iOS

To scan and convert paper documents to PDF files.

CamScanner: PDF Creator is a tool that lets you convert any printed document into a PDF file, all on your Android device.

The only thing you need to do is take an image of the desired document, using the image tool that is part of CamScanner – PDF Creator. Of course, the image should be somewhat focal and well lit. The application will process the required image, and in a few seconds, it will have been converted into a PDF document.

Once you have saved the PDF document in your device’s memory, you can work on it just like you would any other file of this type. Also, before saving the document, you can apply various filters to it to see if it looks better; Depending on the light’s quality in the image, you may get better results with the filter.


Download:Android iOS

Hotel reservations Booking.com app: one of the best apps available for Android systems that help its users book hotels and travel through them with a price comparison that provides the user with the ability to get the best opportunity to book at the lowest price. 

At Booking.com, you can book and search for the right place in more than 800,000 hotels of the best places around the world.

Travel and new experiences are some of the pleasures of life that many have come to want, especially since the matter is no longer as difficult as it used to be. 

Through Android apps and online booking sites, you have the opportunity to reach the best places and book easily. Therefore, many users prefer booking with these apps, especially since the application Like booking.com, booking.com, to book hotels, which enables its users to benefit from the best booking offers provided by hotels in many cases, and it is easy to book immediately through these offers.

Google Translate

Download: Android iOS

Google Translate for Android and iPhone: The Google Translate application for Android and iPhone is one of the apps that no user can do without in his smartphone.

As you can through the application to professionally translate any text you find in front of you, in addition to that, you will be able to translate English, German, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, French, Italian. 

More than 100 other languages, only if you wish to To get a useful, wonderful, and powerful application, the Google Translate application for Android is for you.

The Google Translate application for Android and iPhone is one of the best and most important apps that can not be dispensed with in any phone, whether it is Android or iPhone, as it translates every small and large of words and sentences as well as the possibility of obtaining a professional voice translation as it is an application Very Wonderful.


Download: Android iOS

Canva is an app to simplify the graphic design. Now you can create anything from posters, backgrounds, book covers, and all kinds of graphic designs in seconds flat, with one tool.

Adding design elements in Canva is easy. Begin by selecting one of the pre-popup base marks. 

From there, fit in decorative elements, your branding, or pictures – any way you like. Switch from Canva’s own stock images or any of your own store on your smartphone, add or eliminate text boxes, use filters, etc.

Using the editing tools included in Canva is also a very straightforward process. Rotate or enlarge images or text by simply sliding your finger across the screen. Adjust colors with just a few quick clicks, and so in less than 2 minutes, you’ll have your own unique composition.

Canva is an excellent design app for creating flyers, banners, posters, social media comments, and much more.


Download: Android iOS

For international calls, Rebtel is a beautiful application that allows you to benefit from 5 free minutes to call any phone number to any country in the world, which is an idea that a group of apps makes to reach a greater number of users.

Still, the beautiful thing about this application is that the calls are very excellent, and the sound is heard Purely.

When using the application, as mentioned, it gives you 5 free minutes to call any phone number, but you must have the Internet on your phone and other unlimited free calls, provided that the other party is also available on the Internet on his phone.

By opening the application, it will ask you to choose your country and put your phone number and then confirm it, then you can start making free calls via the balance you got, and other unlimited calls if your friend installs it on his phone.

Google Keep

Download: Android iOS

Google Keep is the official app from Google, designed to provide competition for other eternal reminder apps, such as Evernote or Catch Notes. Thus, this is a tool that enables you to leave default notes on your Android.

The application enables you to create notes by writing them as usual and recording a beneficial voice message when you are in a hurry.

You can attach all kinds of pictures or lists to your notes, and as with all Google apps, they will automatically sync between your Android and your computer or laptop.

Another important feature allows you to transcribe any audio you have recorded on your device automatically. Of course, you can also set different colors for your notes to distinguish between work notes, wife, friends, etc.

Another important feature is that it allows you to convert any note into a list of checkable items, making it ideal for shopping lists.

A premium note-taking app, which means, hopefully, you won’t forget anything, from work time to a pint of milk from the perfect day.


Download: Android iOS

To save my favorite articles, it is a useful free application that allows you to save pages, links, topics, and even videos that you want with ease and refer to them at any other time you want; 

You can make favorites with any number of links and pages you need. The application is available for desktop and laptop computers by installing an add-on On the browser you are working on, whether it is Google Chrome, Firefox, or any other browser, to save the pages and links you want, 

also available for Android phones and devices as well as iPhones and Apple devices with the iOS system, where the topics that you save within the program are synchronized on all devices that work On it automatically, meaning that if you save some links and pages on your Android phone, you will find the links and pages that have been synced to your computer automatically, as well as the rest of the devices you use. You only need to register an account within the application and access it from the devices you use.

The app also provides you with an important feature in the phones version, which is the ability to browse and read pages and topics that have been saved even without connecting to the net, so that you can save the pages you need, lock the phone data and read them offline to reduce the consumption of your Internet package or read topics in Anywhere you do not have an internet connection.


Download: Android iOS

 Trello is one of the popular project management web apps launched by Fog Creek Software in 2011 (the same company that launched Stack Overflow) before the site turned into an independent company in 2014. The application includes two subscription packages, the first is free and includes basic features for using the site, and the second is paid To work for teams.

Trello uses a model called kanban for project management, which Twitter popularized in the 1980s. According to this model, projects are represented in boards that include lists (similar to task lists).

The lists, in turn, include cards (representing tasks). These cards are supposed to move from one menu to another (via drag and drop), expressing the workflow forward.

Trello can be used in many varied forms, including managing software projects, planning for blogging, working on a book, running law firms, working on school wall magazines, etc.

It also integrates several common services such as email, IFTTT, Slack, and other means of communication. And get organized, making Trello a great place to tie everything together and keep track of the workflow.

Today, we start the lesson on the first steps with the program, such as creating an account, designing the first board, and knowing the main advantages. In later lessons, we will go into details and advanced topics in working on Trello.

Pocket Casts

Download: Android iOS

Pocket Casts is one of the most popular and loved podcast app, but the latest version was released in April; most users love it. Well, I like the new design, and I think it’s a lot better. While searching.

 The application’s owners announced that it was available for free on both systems, provided that there would be support for all the features that needed a subscription, including the synchronization option, the dark mode, the variable speed playback feature, and more.

The announcement was also accompanied by a major update to the app, which introduced features such as searching for episodes and listening to podcasts without the need to subscribe.

Alignment with filters, automatic file download, and sound effects allows you to adjust the playback speed and reduce the silence.

The new update also provides an option to play audio and video files stored in the phone with the application.

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