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Learn about a secret game hidden in the Google Chrome browser that you can enjoy when you lose your internet connection

Wherever you go, you will always find some secrets; in this new topic, we will present you a 5 secret games hidden in the Google Chrome browser, perhaps many know about it and try it before, but I am sure that other people have not discovered it before.

The secret game hidden in the Google Chrome browser that we are talking about is the dinosaur game, which appears if you have a poor internet connection.

these games have been integrated into the Google Chrome browser to enjoy it in the event of an internet interruption until its return so that the browser does not get bored and leaves quickly.

Whether on the computer or mobile, the way it will show automatically in the chrome browser when there is no Internet.

You can start playing it by press the “up” button, and the dinosaur will start walking. You can complete the game by bypassing the weeds that come in front of you, as for the phone, when there is no wifi.

This game appears when you click on the phone screen in the middle of Google Chrome, and the dinosaur will start walking, and you can enjoy playing and jumping on the thorny weeds until the Internet returns.