10 best small offline android games without Wi-Fi

Good offline android games are the ones that you don’t need, whether WIFI or Net, so that you can play them. They are relatively simple and entertaining games. Of course, due to the current conditions and the weak internet for most people, offline games will be required!

Today in this article, we will present the 10 best good offline android games without WIFI to download and play anywhere at any time. Most of the games are new, entertaining, and fun.

Zombie Gunfire

The first game with us is Zombie Gunfire one of the best offline android games without Wifi from the action and horror games.

The game’s story: The Zombies at the end of the world occupied many places. And it is your turn to kill them, get rid of them, and save the city with yours. The game has 3 main characters, and all that you succeed in the most missions; all these characters open to you, and you can fight with them.

The game has more than 80 different levels, and each time it sure remains more difficult, and all you have to do is kill more than the number required of you at the level to be able to open the next level.

The graphical game is excellent, its control is easy and very entertaining, and the weapons you have in the first place are machine guns and grenades. You can hit your hands if your weapons are finished.

So you have to run down a lot of bullets and kill them with the least number of bullets before your ammunition gets rid of.

Every time you get rid of a mission, you will collect gold or gold, which you will be able to buy several more powerful weapons that will help you finish the task with your money faster and kill the largest number of zombies in the least time.

Zombie Hunter D-Day

The second game, Zombie Hunter D-Day, is an action game and killing Zombie. The game is about 80 MB.

The story of the game is Y Nick, the only survivor in Zombie’s whole city, and you try to prefer to live as long as possible by entering many missions and killing the largest number of Zombies to take points. You can buy stronger weapons with them.

Even though it resembles the Zombie Gunfire game, I liked this game because controlling it is more enjoyable. It is saying it is easier by saying more fun, and the Graphic is excellent, and it has simple needs like this nice.

Like, for example, the sounds of shots close to reality with the mobile shake as well as the terrifying sounds of the Zombie, and like if you killed the Zombie in his head, for example, you would take more Points, which would make the game more interesting and exciting.

And as I told you, the game has many weapons you can buy from the Points you collect. And of course, they contain many levels!

Dead Trigger

The third game, which is the best Zombie action and killing offline game, will still be with us today, Dead Trigger. The game area of ​​30 MB.

This game is different from the two games that have missed a very important point. It is here that you can move and carry out missions that are not just fixed in your place and kill the largest number of Zombies.

The story of the game is similar to most zombie games. You are in a city that has remained all Zombie, and you are trying to save the largest number of survivors and save yourself together with them.

The characteristic of his response in the game here is the ease of control .. the movement, frankly, is very easy and easy. You make sudden movements easily, and you can launch on the target easily.

All this with the graphics of the game is above the excellent and realistic to a huge extent. And the game has many tasks and many weapons, and all that ends tasks. The more you will be able to buy them as we know.

The good thing in the game is that the missions are not fixed; I mean, in missions that ask you to kill a certain number of zombies, and in other missions that ask you, you’d rather live for a specified period of time you don’t have to kill, what is important is that you prefer living and in missions, you lead a region of the Zombie so that Survivors take it away.

Unfortunately, the game in another part, improved, but you can’t play offline, I mean, you have to stay connected to the Internet.

Ultimate Offroad Simulator

Our relative remains from the Zombie, killing, and blood, and we enter the fourth game with us, a car game called Ultimate Offroad Simulator..and this game is approximately 96 MB.

This game is considered one of the open-world games or the Open World. In this game, you are shopping for four-wheel-drive vehicles, and you would prefer to collect points by doing Drifts in English or looking out over mountains and broken roads.

The graphics in the game are gorgeous, and the control in English is really excellent. You really feel that you are a real Arab driver, as you can enter missions that collect money and points.

The money and points that you collected can still be bought. You can buy locked cars and adjust to any car you choose, such as the car’s color, the rims, the color of the rims, and everything in English. I mean, you work in the Arab of your dreams, in which you enter the game and win .. a fun game, I advise you to try it and like it.

Drive Simulator

The fifth game with us is a simulation of reality games, which is Drive Simulation. The game is 92 MB.

You might think it is a normal English game from its name, but it is not like that… In this game, you will be the owner of a shipping company and a construction company; in the first place, you will carry out shipping tasks to collect money so that you can buy more equipment and vehicles with it and implement large projects.

You here are not just going to buy a truck or a car transporting and transporting things, but because you are also the one who will carry them. You are the one who will go for trucks and tractors and build bridges and residential buildings on your own; that is, you will control an entire project that simulates reality.

Controlling the game is not easy, and it will take some time to get used to, the nice needs of the game, you can see all the trails that you will shop from inside, and you can shop at night or day. Many entertaining things or will let you discover them yourself, and don’t forget to drop petrol for the truck from the petrol stations while you walk instead of what You pay all your money to land on the road.

Real Rally

The sixth game is also a racing game, but a Rally car race … and its name is Real Rally and the game is just 36 MB.

Here you are entering Real Rally… It is known to be on unpaved and Arab roads prepared for these roads. Here you win with the least time you get rid of the number of laps of the track you play on.

The Graphic game is very nice, and it is possible to adjust Graphic Quality according to your mobile phone. End Quality without LAG or cutting frames,

Of course, the first thing you play, you will feel that you are not in control of the English language because your hands feel a real Rally race on bumpy roads and are very difficult to drive on.

The nice thing here is that you have a lot of control in the options game, like shopping with shares, moving the mobile to the right and left, or driving from it.

Likewise, you can change the position of the camera. You are driving while you see all of English, or that you are sitting in the face of English, or that the car is the camera… And all you earn more, you will be able to open cars faster and better in control and enter more difficult tracks or roads.

Encounter Strike

In the seventh game, we will go back to action and hit the fire. But you are not worried you will not be a Zombie again. I know that you have killed a zombie… This game is called Encounter Strike, and its area is approximately 55 MB.

The game’s story is simple: you are a soldier in the anti-terrorist forces fighting the terrorists who occupied areas in your country… This game has many advantages that you can carry and try to play, the first of which is that it has 3 modes or Modes to play and each mode has more than 80 levels or levels .. and Whatever becomes more difficult means you have more than 240 different levels.

The second feature I see in the game is the diversity of weapons; there are many weapons that you can buy when you win missions other than bombs and knives and many others; of course, if you see that they are normal needs, think that we are talking about an Offline game and its area is small. I mean, you associate it with a game of Peggy, for example.

The third feature is that the control and control of the game are excellent and easy and does not have any LAG, movement, or bugs, as the game makes you move with difficulty or damage around yourself while you are moving like many games that I have tried in the same type and size of this game.

Graphic, we will say good. I will not say excellent, but in the end the game is good and entertaining, deserves to try it and give your opinion on the comment on the article!

Tanks of Battle: World War 2

The eighth game with us, which is a game of tank war… Its name is Tanks of Battle: World War. The game is approximately 60 MB.

One of the most important war equipment used in the second world war, unlike airplanes is the tanks; the story of the game here is simply fighting with your tank in the second world war.

Tank games are known to be difficult to control because you have control over two needs. The first is to control the tank’s route, and the second is to move the cannon toward the target and shoot at it… This makes the game need skill from the player so that the game is fun and exciting.

In the game here, easy missions will be involved at the beginning to learn how to control the movement of the tank and the cannon. After this, you will meet the missions, and the tasks are much more difficult. I myself am on a mission that I don’t know to prepare.

The advantages of the game remain that you win more battles. All that you collect in Gold, you can buy stronger and faster tanks in it. The game includes many tanks that you can buy.

The game has different modes, such as you can enter missions in which a certain number of tanks are required of you to destroy them … or you enter a battlefield that you move with your comfort and destroy more tanks to collect Gold and money you can buy stronger tanks.

Knights Fight

The ninth game, a game that will bring you back to the middle ages, is the Knights Fight game… The game is 26 MB.

Knight fight one of the good offline games to play offline. like what I said to you, this game will take you back to the Middle Ages and the era of the wars of swords and shields and these needs.

I liked this game because it is not an easy game, and you need and you play that you think about your next strike, what will you keep and what you will hit how and when this is what makes it fun.

You are here to go to the battlefield at the beginning of the game with a sword and a shield only, and in the first, your sword will not be the strongest thing.

And what is required of you is that you kill your opponent to his position.

The first means you will fight warriors like you; after this, you fight a guard from the king’s guards, and every time the game becomes more difficult and fights professional people.

The graphic in the game is good for a game of 26 MB. It has good options if you want to play it online, such as you are downloading the battlefield with random people Online or playing with a limit on the same WiFi network as you, but at the same time, you can play it offline as you like.

Like what I said to you… In this game, you need to think about how you will hit me and when to hit it, not because the shield is good… With your shield, you also repel his strikes and a nice move like this called Comboz Hit, which is that you can hit such and hit him after some time is the right time to get rid of your opponent.

All these needs are made by the game very entertaining, and you can play it anywhere without the Internet.

Taxi Sim 2020

The tenth game with us is a simulation game, which is Taxi Sim 2020. The game area is approximately 800 MB.

The game here, like what I said, is a simulation of reality. You will live the life of a taxi driver in America… The graphic game is very excellent, and you will enjoy every moment of it.

The game has two modes. The first is that you can be a normal yellow taxi driver, damaging the street and randomly taking customers.. and the second is a private driver who goes to a certain person on the map, taking him and connecting him.

The game will start in traditional English for a taxi in America… And after collecting money you can buy another car faster and better. and the game in which more than 30 different cars from the first BMW to the Super Cars such as Bugatti and Rolls Royce, and very many needs will make you play this game to be able to buy them.

And you can also modify them as you buy rims or change the color of the car in case you are a VIP driver or private driver and other needs that you discover for yourself.

The game password, and the most wonderful thing about it, are the details. The game details are literally terrible, unlike the fact that there are many controlling options, such as arrows or direction, or moving the mobile from left to right.

In enjoyable needs, the control makes you feel like it really is a simulation of reality to a large extent, like you have buttons to operate and deactivate the car, buttons for spaces, buttons for light, buttons for keys, buttons for hold, and automatic switches.

You can control the camera’s position, whether it is English or the country of English you want. You can also enable the sport mode buttons for English to remain faster and control more easily.

Because you can collect money, gambling is your task. You are like they don’t say to comfort the customer.

I mean, every customer that rolls with, you will have requests like you, for example, don’t have a certain speed, or you don’t get there sooner possible, or you do not cross any accident or confuse, so the road is in your hands, your money It is complete and takes the highest number of point.

And remember that even if you do not have a customer, try to avoid destroying your car as it will cost you money in repair. This game is entertaining, and you can get addicted because you can buy the legendary cars, which is the game, and you can get it faster and collect money faster.

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